Amalgam waste

Our range of Amalgam waste containers are designed to provide secure storage of dental amalgam waste. The robust design ensures staff and patients are protected from the potentially harmful effects of mercury inhalation.

  • Designed to combat the risk of mercury inhalation
  • Wide variety of amalgam waste products
  • Expert knowledge available
  • Keeps your practice compliant with legislation
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The Amalgam container range ensures the secure storage of dental amalgam waste before disposal. The containers include an integral mercury suppressant to combat the risk of vapour inhalation. 

We also offer a complete range for the disposal of waste from Durr and other leading brands of amalgam separator systems. 

  • Stores amalgam dental waste safely
  • Range of container sizes to suit your waste
  • All products comply with waste management regulations
  • Protects staff and patients from mercury inhalation
Product Capacity Size (mm) EWC Code
Waste Amalgam Storage 650ml 105 x 100 dia 18 01 10
Amalgam Capsule Storage 1.8 litre 170 x 190 dia 18 01 10
Amalgam Capsule Storage 6L 260 x 200 dia 18 01 10
Amalgam Sludge Storage 6L 260 x 200 dia 18 01 10
*Waste Separator - small/medium/large 18 01 10

Instructions for use
Due to the potentially harmful mercury content, amalgam waste should never be thrown away with general waste. Instead, it should be stored safely within the appropriate container until collected by your PHS representative.

Solutions should not be added and the mercury suppressant foam should not be removed. Care should also be taken to ensure the lid is tightly secured and the mercury vapours are not inhaled.  

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