Controlled drugs kit (CD Kit)

PHS Controlled drug destruction (CD) kits are recognised as the securest way to denature drugs, rending them safe and without value. With a choice of 4 sizes and expert guidance, our CD kits offer a convenient method of managing your controlled drugs in compliance with best practice.

  • Complies with regulations
  • Expert knowledge from the NHS supplier of choice
  • 4 kit sizes - 250ml to 20 litres
  • Collection & disposal service available
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If you manage health centres, surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies or veterinary surgeries you will understand the importance of the correct management of controlled drugs as laid down by the Misuse of Drugs Act 2001.

Unwanted or out of date controlled drugs must first be denatured then destroyed via incineration, so that they cannot be recovered, retrieved or re-used.

Denaturing via a controlled drugs Kits (CD Kit) will render them harmless and unfit for use until they are totally destroyed via incineration. At PHS Wastemanagement, our CD Kits offer a safe and convenient way to denature controlled drugs until your next waste collection. 

  • Excellent quality kits at competitive prices
  • Complies with controlled drug waste regulations
  • Renders drugs unfit for use
  • 4 different size kits to choose from
  • Expert advice available from our highly knowledgeable staff
Product Capacity (ml/litres) Dimension (centimetres)
CD Kit 250ml 11.2(h) x 6.4(dia)
CD Kit 2l 20.7(h) x 11.8(dia)
CD Kit 4l 24.8(h) x 15.5(dia)
CD Kit 20l 43.8(h) x 24.5(dia)

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