Cleaning and disinfection solution

With the TECcare® CONTROL range, PHS provides a cost effective cleaning solution with long-lasting disinfection protection. The cleaning and disinfection solution disinfects and cleans to a high standard, allowing you to rationalise your cleaning products to just one.

  • Cleans and disinfects in one
  • 99.999% effective against MRSA, E.coli and Norovirus
  • Non-toxic and non-irritant
  • Continues to provide disinfection, even when dry
  • Cost effective solution
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Rationalise your cleaning products to just one

The TECcare® CONTROL cleaning and disinfection solution will provide you with a highly efficient and cost effective solution for disinfecting clinical environments.

Not only does 5 litres concentrate make over 410 litres of useable product, but it is effective at both cleaning and disinfecting. The cleaning and disinfection solution will also enable you to reduce your cleaning products to just one, saving you valuable time and money.

Alongside being extremely time and cost effective, The TECcare® CONTROL cleaning and disinfection solution is non-toxic and kind to skin. Additionally, it will cause no damage to surfaces during cleaning and disinfection.

Surfaces also maintain strong antimicrobial properties in excess of 28 days post application.

  • Provides long-lasting disinfection and protection against pathogens, even when dry
  • Proven to be 99.999% effective against spores, bacteria and pathogens including MRSA, E.coli, Norovirus, Influenza, C.diff, Pseudomonas and drug resistant strains
  • Cleans to a shine, causing no damage to surfaces
  • Highly cost effective with 5 litres concentrate making over 410 litres of useable product

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