Reduce employee exposure to hazards with our range of PPE. Our PPE provides a barriers to all wearers and their working environment ensuring safety in the workplace whilst providing maximum comfort to the user.

  • PPE designed to protect the wearer's body from hazards and injury
  • All PPE fully meets health and safety requirements
  • Full range of garments and safety equipment
  • Provides the user maximum comfort as well as protection
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We have selected a range of high quality PPE that all fully meets the EN standards whilst providing maximum comfort to the user.

  • Wide selection of PPE available
  • We offer guidance on the best equipment for your requirements
  • All PPE meets EN standards

Having provided 50 years of service with the help of expert knowledge from fully trained, professional teams located nationwide, PHS is the UK’s leading provider of high quality workplace products and services.

As we’ve supplied anything from washroom products, specialist workplace supplies, document shredding and storage solutions to companies on a local and national scale, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about maintaining an inviting, safe and, most importantly, compliant workplace.

To share our knowledge, PHS has compiled a collection of helpful guides, blogs and news articles so you can ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

PPE Ear Protection Brochure

View our range of Ear Protection PPE products

Size: 1.37 MB


PPE Eye Protection Brochure

Browse our new range of PPE Eyewear.

Size: 2.15 MB


PPE Footwear Brochure

Find out more about our protective footwear range.

Size: 2.97 MB


PPE Hand Protection

Browse our brand new range of PPE hand protection.

Size: 2.18 MB


PPE Head Protection Brochure

View our complete range of Head Protection PPE products.

Size: 1.46 MB


PPE Height Protection Brochure

Browse our new range of PPE height protection equipment.

Size: 3.14 MB


PPE Respiratory Protection Brochure

Find out more about our new range of respiratory protection equipment.

Size: 0.96 MB