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PHS offers a comprehensive range of totes, pallets and handling equipment to be used in the retail sector. With standard next day delivery and 8 fully stocked service centres located throughout the UK, it's easy to ensure that the supply chain is kept moving.

  • Nationwide availability
  • Standard next day delivery
  • Wide selection of containers and handling equipment available
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces product damage
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PHS recognises that in the retail sector, it is important to keep the supply chain moving at all times. With 8 fully stocked service centers and a fleet of more than 70 vehicles, we ensure that our totes, pallets and handling equipment are available with standard next day delivery.

Having invested heavily in the design, manufacture and ownership of tooling for crates, we are also able to supply our high quality crates in large volumes.

As well as providing a fast and highly reliable service, our state-of-the-art food grade cleaning facility will ensure that our crates and handling equipment arrive clean and ready to use for maximised convenience.

Reduced product damage and easier handling are just two proven advantages of using reusable plastic pallets and crates for retail distribution. Our selection of RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) also provides a more environmentally friendly option than one trip packaging, such as cardboard.

  • We have a number of service centres located throughout the UK to provide a fast and reliable service
  • Standard next day delivery can be provided if products are ordered before 5pm
  • As they can be easily washed and reused, our containers are environmentally friendly
  • A wide range of accompanying handling equipment is also available
Explore the range of crates and accessories on offer from PHS.
  • Moving equipment can be rented or purchased by directly calling our telesales team at 02920 809090.
  • You will speak to one of our trained advisers who will assess your current and future needs.
  • Set up an account with us quickly and easily over the phone.
  • The exact number of crates required will be delivered to your premises at your convenience.
  • If on a rental agreement, the crates will be picked up at a pre-arranged time or whenever you call us to say you’ve finished with them.
  • If you have an ongoing need for crates, you can purchase a full pool of equipment for your business. Choose from colours, styles and even get your company logo printed on them.

PHS offers a wide range of logistics and materials handling rental equipment for the retail industry.

Our team of experienced consultants can offer advice and solutions for anything from a small shop to large stores and national organisations.

Every requirement is unique and will be priced according to the solution recommended, but crates can be rented for as little as 42p per crate per week.