Introducing the new Hygiene offering

Help your business stand out from the crowd

At PHS Group we understand that brand reputation can be the key to success.  In the hospitality industry a business may be judged on customer ratings but in every business good word of mouth will inevitably help increase your customer numbers and therefore your profitability.

You’ve worked hard to build a brand that is trusted – let us ensure that your washrooms, workspaces or reception areas don’t let you down. 

Keep your employees and customers safe and happy

Happy employees are productive employees and happy customers are loyal customers therefore it is essential that you invest in making sure their wellbeing is top priority. A wet floor, dirty kitchen or a smelly washroom can all have an impact on customer and employee wellbeing and could end up costing your business more than you think.  

Save money and energy 

Developing the best environment for your customers and employees doesn’t need to be expensive.  From our brand new Airstream Pure to the award winning Flow-saver not only do our products offer you the latest in innovation but they help you save both money and energy.  


Experiencing an issue or unexpectedly high visitor numbers? We’re here 24/7 to take your calls and arrange your next service visit.


Instantly access your account information securely, online 24/7. Total visibility of your e-bills, servicing history and service frequencies.


Everything you need to maintain a hygienic and sustainable business environment.

Our Hygiene Solutions

The Hygiene offering from PHS offers innovative solutions across all areas of your business including your reception, shared workspaces or washrooms and is made up of the following:

Our washroom ranges

We can help you make sure that your washrooms and communal areas look great, smell great and offer your staff, visitors and customers the high levels of service they deserve..

Our commitment to your business

  • Our customer service promise
  • 24/7 access to your information
  • On-going innovation and development
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

We promise

With 50 years experience, and recognised as the UK’s leading washroom service provider, we have a great deal to live up to – and a great deal to offer our customers.

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MyPHS portal

With our online customer portal, you’ll receive easy access to your account information in one place, including e-bills, servicing history and other relevant documentation.

Manage your account online

Leading the way

Our team are constantly developing innovative solutions to real washrooms issues, whether that be creating the highest levels of hygiene or saving water and energy.

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High standards

Our team of technicians work to the highest standards, so no matter what flooring type requires cleaning, our customers are always delighted with the end result.

Our customer service