Dust-smart mop services

The Dust-Smart mop service is a complete cost and time saving solution, designed for businesses' where time is short and budgets are tight. Our unique service exchanges dirty Dust-Smart mop heads for freshly sanitized units at your site every two weeks, eliminating the hassle of constantly washing or repurchasing mops.

  • Eliminates task of mop washing
  • Mop heads replaced every 2 weeks
  • Delivered directly to your site
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solution
  • Cost and time saving service
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The award-winning Dust-Smart mop has treated cotton fibers to ensure maximum dust absorbing and disinfectant power, leaving your floors cleaner and shinier in less time with little effort.

Every two weeks, a PHS technician will automatically collect your used mop heads and replace them with clean, freshly sanitized ones every 2 weeks. This saves you the hassle of purchasing new mops or cleaning mops heads.

Standard dust mops need to be replaced periodically, which means a high volume of mops end up in landfill. By regularly cleaning and sanitizing the mop heads, the life span of the cotton fibers is extended. As a result, the PHS mop service is able to divert waste from landfill.

  • Mop heads laundered by PHS
  • Service includes the rental of the mop
  • Quick hygenic method of cleaning large surface areas
  • Replacement mop heads delivered directly to your door
  • No need to purchase new mops or additional cleaning products
  • Environmentally conscious mop head cleaning extends the life of a mop
  • A PHS consultant will be in touch to discuss your mopping requirements
  • PHS will deliver the mops directly to your site
  • Every two weeks your used mop heads will be collected and replaced with clean ones
  • After every service visit, you’ll receive an automated email via our Smart-Track system, confirming the details of the servicing carried out at your site
  • Any queries will be dealt with swiftly by PHS staff at your regional depot

The Dust-smart mops are available in four different sizes to accomodate for both narrow and large surface areas. 

Our Dust-Smart mop service exchanges your mop heads on a fortnightly basis for maximum hygiene and effectiveness. The pricing of the Dust-Smart mop service depends on the size and quantity of mops you require.


Specialist cleaning

At PHS, we provide specialist and bespoke cleaning services for both interiors and exteriors to make sure that your site is compliant and clean across all areas.

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