Gritting service

Ensure that you’re always prepared for ice and snow with our highly reliable gritting service. Not only will we help support the safety of your workplace but we’ll also consider the broader impact our gritting service can have on your premises and budget.

  • Scheduled gritting
  • Fixed visit price
  • Daily ice forecasts near your premises
  • Snow clearance if necessary
  • Mat hire also available
  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • Price guide
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As an employer, you want to keep your staff and clients as safe as possible. Ice and snow can be incredibly dangerous. PHS provides a high quality gritting service that not only clears snow and grits your nearby roads, car parks and walkways but can also provide daily forecasts of ice near your site.
In addition to providing optimal health and safety measures and fulfilling your Duty of Care, our gritting service helps to reduce cleaning costs for your business. White marine salt, rather than brown rock salt, can be used to minimise the amount of visual dirt that is brought into your building, whilst our short term mat hire also enables you to protect your floors further. 

  • Daily ice forecasts will be provided for each of your sites
  • Scheduled visits for every night ice is forecasted
  • Snow clearance included if required
  • Pre-advice (based on MET office data) of every visit gives you the option to cancel any unneeded visits and save money

PHS offers a range of indoor and outdoor planting displays and landscaping. Our experienced team will undertake a site survey and assess the premises layout, plants suitable for the location, brand colours schemes. Plant and container options and colour scheme or landscaping requirements will then be priced and presented accordingly.


Plants and landscaping - outdoors

We can dress the entrance of a building and shape the grounds with splendid planting to make a welcoming and professional statement.

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