Stone floor cleaning

PHS has extensive experience in the cleaning and restoration of all types of stone flooring in the commercial environment. We use the latest equipment and techniques in polishing and diamond grinding to clean and restore stone floors, as we know that thousands of years of nature's work to create beautiful stone formations can be ruined in minutes if the wrong cleaning technique or product is used.

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Full stone restoration service

PHS have many years of experience of caring for customer’s stone flooring including terrazzo, marble, limestone, travertine, granite and sandstone floors.
We can drastically improve heavily soiled floors, restoring them back to their original glory. From cleaning to polishing we can also advise you on the best way to maintain your stone flooring in the future.
The polishing service is highly effective for treating superficial scratches and general dulling of the floor surface which can occur over time. With our expertise, stone flooring is returned to a high standard that can be maintained with regular treatments.

For extensively damaged flooring, we provide a full stone restoration service. This involves grinding the flooring surface down with specialist diamond discs, leaving a high gloss finish.
All types of stone are porous to some degree and should have a seal applied. This makes the stone more resistant to future staining, and easier to keep clean.

  • Extends the life of your stone flooring
  • Polishing achieves a high gloss finish
  • Free site survey to determine the most appropriate service
  • Cleaning and restoration services suitable for many types of stone
  • A high quality result is achieved by using only the best techniques and equipment
  • If your floor has only superficial scratching or a slightly dulled surface, we can re-polish the floor using either a chemical process or light diamond abrasives, returning it to a high standard of appearance
  • If you’re unsure whether your floor has already been sealed, we can carry out a simple test to determine this
  • A deeply scratched or excessively worn floor will require full restoration. This involves the floor being ground through four or five grades of diamond discs, the first being a coarse cut to level the floor and remove deep scratches. The grades become progressively finer until the required finish is achieved
  • The final stage involves a polishing process, leaving the floor with a high gloss finish

PHS supply a variety of specialist floor cleaning, restoration and treatment services. The price of these services are based on the size of the area treated and the level of restoration work required. Before providing a quote, a flooring expert will complete an on-site assessment of your flooring. 


Specialist cleaning

At PHS, we provide specialist and bespoke cleaning services for both interiors and exteriors to make sure that your site is compliant and clean across all areas.

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