Wood floor cleaning

Wood has always been a popular floor covering due to its hard wearing nature and attractive appearance. The key to maintaining the condition of a wood floor is the seal applied to the surface. If the seal is worn through and exposing bare wood, the flooring will become damaged and marked. Our expert technicians provide polishing, sanding, sealing and cleaning services as a solution to your wooden flooring requirements.

  • Cleaning, sanding, & sealing
  • Extends life of wood floor
  • Expert maintenance advice
  • Latest specialist equipment used
  • Minimal dust and disruption
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Dust and disruption limited

With daily wear and tear, the seal on a wood flooring can get damaged and worn through, leading to the flooring becoming scratched and the need for a restoration process.
Our technicians use sanding equipment with a 98% filtration system which reduces dust and causes minimal disruption to your site, as well as restoring damaged wooden flooring to an impressive standard.
At PHS, we also offer a screening and re-sealing treatment to remove light scratches. This non-intrusive restoration service is fast and cost effective, providing your wood floor with an extended lifespan. After replacing the seal, the flooring will only require light maintenance.

  • All equipment is suitable for use in commercial areas
  • Disruption to your business minimised as much as possible
  • Industry standard conditioning products and equipment used for a long lasting finish
  • Advice provided for on-going maintenance from our experts
  • A consultant will work with you to ensure any restoration or cleaning work is completed at a time which is most appropriate for your business.
  • The technician will assess the level of damage to your wooden flooring and then recommend the appropriate restoration/polishing method.
  • During the restoration process, the flooring is repaired in sections. The wood is sanded through four grades, each grade getting progressively finer until a final seal is applied. This is a very effective method with results for even the most damaged flooring.
  • During the screening process, the floor is lightly sanded to key the surface of the existing seal, which removes light scratches, before the new seal is applied. This offers a fast and non-intrusive method of maintenance, ensuring the wood is protected at all times.
  • PHS only uses the best wood finishing products, offering advice on the most effective seal or oil for your wood floor to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

PHS supply a variety of specialist floor cleaning, restoration and treatment services. The price of these services are based on the size of the area treated and the level of restoration work required. Before providing a quote, a flooring expert will complete an on-site assessment of your flooring. 


Specialist cleaning

At PHS, we provide specialist and bespoke cleaning services for both interiors and exteriors to make sure that your site is compliant and clean across all areas.

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