Urinal and WC services

Odours, blockages and poorly maintained urinals create a poor impression of your business and can reduce staff morale. PHS urinal and WC services make the process of installing, replacing and maintaining products convenient for you. Not only that, but our services yield quick, cost saving results, improving your washroom at a cost-effective rate for your business.

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Expertly installed and serviced

Our Urinal and WC products are designed to prevent blockages and eliminate odours in your washrooms, whilst boosting your eco credentials by reducing your water usage. In turn, this helps to reduce the use of cleaning chemicals and your maintenance costs. And as they say, every little helps!

However, you cannot achieve the best result without the expert installation and servicing of urinal and WC products.

To maximise product effectiveness - and maintain the highest standards of hygiene in your washrooms - we recommend regular servicing to replace sanitising fluids and consumables to help prevent a buildup of limescale and bacteria. 

Consistency is key, particularly for water management devices. To ensure you benefit from the full cost and energy saving potential, our expert technicians maintain your devices to ensure they are performing efficiently.

And with our unique 24/7 Priority Service, all PHS washroom services customers can report service or repair requirements at any time.

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  • Smells and blockages are eliminated with our urinal services
  • Reach those environmental targets and lower utility bills with our expert services
  • Limescale build-up is reduced in your pipes, reducing costly pipe maintenance work
  • Unique 24/7 Priority Service for PHS washroom services UK customers
  • All product installation, maintenance and replacements are handled by our expert technicians
  • A friendly and responsive local service delivered by a secure, national organisation
  • Our consultants help you to determine the correct service frequencies for your urinal and WC services
  • At the agreed service intervals, a member of our service team will visit your site to tend to the necessary products
  • Once your service has been completed you’ll receive an automated email via our Smart-Track system, detailing the servicing carried out at your site
  • All documents and invoices can be viewed via our online portal using a simple one click secure log in, where you can also raise any queries quickly and easily