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Public Sector Procurement Frameworks

Procurement frameworks enable a simple and compliant route to market for public and third sector buyers. All suppliers listed on a framework are pre-approved, with agreed terms and conditions and legal protection.

As a leading supplier of hygiene products and services, phs has partnerships with almost all national and regional framework providers. By offering a variety of frameworks, our customers can choose the one that aligns best with their specific needs and preferences.

To be awarded a place on these frameworks, suppliers are required to demonstrate the standard of goods and services, while evidencing how they are sustainable and add community value.

Click on the links below to explore your required framework.

Click here to email one of our dedicated Public Sector Support Team, who can support you through the entire procurement process.

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Upholding Best Practices through phs's Framework Participation

To align with industry best practices, phs actively engages in a variety of public and third sector procurement frameworks, ensuring our operations meet the highest standards in:

  • Compliance with Procurement Frameworks
  • Supplier Pre-approval Processes
  • Legal and Ethical Contracting
  • Hygiene Product and Service Quality
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Community Value and Social Impact

Our Framework Affiliations

We are proud to be listed as a leading supplier in frameworks that are essential to public sector buyers, including:

  • Public Sector Procurement Frameworks
  • Health and Education Sector Frameworks
  • Government and Regional Frameworks
  • Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Initiatives

All framework affiliations are carefully selected and reviewed to enhance our service offerings and to provide our customers with choices that best meet their procurement objectives.

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