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Food manufacturers

PHS currently provides services for thousands of food manufacturing environments, so we realise the importance of hygiene and safety. The products and services from PHS can help you reinforce a clean, safe and productive working environment.

  • Trained and accredited staff
  • Solutions tailored to you
  • Trusted nationwide
  • Dedicated account manager
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  • Benefits
  • Our expertise

PHS not only offers general workplace products, like hygiene services and matting, but also industry-specific ones like crate rental and washing, and spill control solutions.

Specialist services for food manufacturers:

By using PHS you get the benefit of a supplier who already knows your business. We work with thousands of food manufacturing companies nationwide, so we have a good idea of your needs. All of our service visits, installations and contracts are arranged at your convenience, not ours, so we don’t slow your business down.

  • Services and knowledge specific to food manufacturing
  • Fast response to product and service issues
  • Expert facilities advice
  • 24/7 washrooms helpline
  • Compliant with all relevant legislation

At PHS, we are aware of the specific challenges and stipulations faced by food manufacturers, such as meeting hygiene standards and dealing with hazards effectively. Thousands of manufacturing businesses already trust us to enhance their working environments.

When you deal with PHS, we take the time to understand each individual customer’s needs, and tailor a solution specific to them. Our versatility and experience is what sets us apart from the competition.

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