Other office environments

PHS has been helping offices for over 50 years, so we know what their concerns are. In fact, we currently serve over 50,000. We’re proud to offer a range of products and services designed around them, making offices more pleasant, productive and efficient.

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You might be surprised at the broad range of products and services that PHS can offer your office. We pride ourselves on creating appropriate solutions for all of our customers, no matter how big or small.

Specialist services for other office environments:

Trusting PHS to provide your workplace services means you get market-leading knowledge and over 50 years of experience, along with innovative and reliable products. Tens of thousands of offices across the UK already rely on PHS to service their office – here are just a few reasons why.


  • Service visits at your convenience, not ours
  • Huge range of products and services
  • Well trained, accredited staff
  • Save money and become more sustainable
  • Tailored, flexible contracts

PHS services over 50,000 offices across the UK, providing them with crucial products, services and consumables. Many of our customers have stayed with us for decades, because they know we are reliable, flexible and have expert knowledge.

We know that business moves fast these days, so worrying about things like washroom maintenance or office plants is not at the top of your agenda. Because of this, we take the time to understand each individual customer’s needs, in order to make their lives easier.


Safety services

PHS can help meet your compliance requirements which are essential to protect your organisation’s investments.

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Washroom services

Whether your washrooms are for employees or visitors, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment is key.

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Plants and landscaping - indoor

At PHS we are dedicated to providing outstanding indoor plant displays that will make any premises look impressive and inviting to staff and prospective clients.

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Plants and landscaping - outdoors

We can dress the entrance of a building and shape the grounds with splendid planting to make a welcoming and professional statement.

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Matting and floorcare

Explore our range of matting and floorcare services to see how PHS can help you.

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