Staff from PHS are always fully qualified and accredited, meaning that the services you receive from them keep safety and security at the top of the agenda. With over 50 years of experience, PHS knows that these are key concerns in the defence industry.

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Workplaces in the defence industry can combine office-based, manufacturing and logistical aspects. In each of these, there are ways that PHS can improve the environment and make life easier. Explore some of them below.

Specialist services for the defence industry:

In such a unique working environment, it's important that you get a solution to meet your needs. PHS takes the time to get to know each one of its customers and tailors the service around them.

We understand that defence organisations want to provide excellent facilities for their staff, but that sustainability targets and cost saving is also a concern. Because of this, many of the products and services supplied by PHS can help save water and energy or encorporate recycling.

  • Installation, service and maintenance visits at your convenience, not ours
  • Sustainable businesses practises and product offerings
  • Accredited staff with expert knowledge and advice
  • 24/7 washrooms helpline and UK based call centres

As PHS already supplies hundreds of defence organisations across the UK, we understand the issues and constraints that they face every day.

As part of our service, you benefit from over 50 years of experience in the professional services sector, as well as the advice that goes with it. We know that adding value in this way works because our customers keep coming back to us year after year.


Washroom services

Whether your washrooms are for employees or visitors, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment is key.

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Matting and floorcare

Explore our range of matting and floorcare services to see how PHS can help you.

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Data solutions

Data is one of the most valuable assets of any business so it’s imperative that it’s kept secure and managed in an efficient and reliable way.

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Safety services

PHS can help meet your compliance requirements which are essential to protect your organisation’s investments.

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Water dispensers

PHS is Europe's leading supplier of mains fed hot and cold water dispensers.

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