Police & fire services

The range of products and services from PHS currently help around 1,500 stations improve their workplaces and efficiency, raising staff morale. With safety, hygiene and well-being services on offer, you can be sure these key workers are looked after.

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Those in the fire and police services hold a high level of responsibility, so remaining compliant and happy when in the working environment is very important in supporting this. Explore the range of products and services from PHS that can help.

Specialist solutions for the police and fire services:

Customers stay with PHS year after year because we provide a service that causes minimal disruption and keeps workplaces in great condition.

Things like making sure surroundings are pleasant, or that paperwork is managed in a comlpiant manner, are often left to go by the wayside. That's where PHS aims to make life easier.

  • Expert, fully accredited staff
  • Flexible contracts or one-off purchase options available
  • UK based customer services and 24/7 washrooms helpline
  • Installation, service and maintenance at your convenience

There are around 1,500 fire and police services who already trust PHS to provide them with expert workplace solutions up and down the UK.

With over 50 years' experience delivering services to the business community, PHS has the scope, expertise and accreditation to tackle any problem.


Data solutions

Data is one of the most valuable assets of any business so it’s imperative that it’s kept secure and managed in an efficient and reliable way.

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Safety services

PHS can help meet your compliance requirements which are essential to protect your organisation’s investments.

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Plants and landscaping - indoor

At PHS we are dedicated to providing outstanding indoor plant displays that will make any premises look impressive and inviting to staff and prospective clients.

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Water dispensers

PHS is Europe's leading supplier of mains fed hot and cold water dispensers.

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