Hair & beauty salons

PHS helps nearly 3,000 hair and beauty salons maintain good hygiene and presentation on a daily basis. The specialist products and services from PHS help keep customers happy and your business booming.

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There’s more that PHS can do for hair and beauty salons than you might think. From entrance matting to laundry equipment, we’ve got you covered.

Specialist services for hair and beauty salons:

Choosing PHS for your workplace products and services means you’re getting the experts to take work off your hands, giving you more time to concentrate on what matters.

We can help you save money on bills through innovative products, and we always take the time to understand your individual needs, building a solution around you.

  • Modern, high tech products
  • Trusted by thousands of salons
  • Reliable, expert staff
  • Save money on water and energy
  • Flexible contract agreements

We know that a presentable salon can make the difference between a customer returning and never coming back. Because of this, there are thousands of hair and beauty salons across the UK who rely on PHS to provide them with workplace products and services.

We’re always sure to arrange visits when it's most convenient to your salon, so there is no disruption at busy times. Get in touch to see what we can do for your salon today.


Matting and floorcare

Explore our range of matting and floorcare services to see how PHS can help you.

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Safety services

PHS can help meet your compliance requirements which are essential to protect your organisation’s investments.

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Water dispensers

PHS is Europe's leading supplier of mains fed hot and cold water dispensers.

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Plants and landscaping - indoor

At PHS we are dedicated to providing outstanding indoor plant displays that will make any premises look impressive and inviting to staff and prospective clients.

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Plants and landscaping - outdoors

We can dress the entrance of a building and shape the grounds with splendid planting to make a welcoming and professional statement.

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Washroom services

Whether your washrooms are for employees or visitors, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment is key.

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