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Our services

You'll find PHS products in washrooms up and down the UK, and these businesses rely on us daily to ensure their facilities stay in top condition.

In fact, over 200,000 organisations rely on PHS to provide them with expert workplace services.

Managing things like washrooms, safety and waste disposal can be a time consuming task. This often leaves little time for those responsible to do their day job.

PHS takes the headache and effort out of managing these processes, resulting in a first class premises and a more efficient workplace. Explore what PHS has to offer below.

Our products

Having served companies up and down the UK, PHS knows that robust, efficient and cost-effective products are key to a productive workplace.

Whether you want to improve safety, make an impression or do a better job, professional products are a must. You also want to be sure that if something goes wrong, help will be on hand.

Explore the wide range of products on offer from the experts at PHS below.

Your workplace

PHS has been providing professional workplace products and services to UK organisations for over 50 years. Because of this, we know that every environment has different needs.

Wouldn’t it be easier if one company supplied everything you need for your school or clinic, for example? This would remove the pain of shopping around and relying on multiple suppliers.

PHS has got you covered. Below, you can explore professional sectors to help find yourself a total workplace solution that makes life easier.

How PHS helps

  • Nursing & residential
  • Banking & finance
  • Shops
  • Education

Quality of care

With the wellbeing of residents a top priority, over 3,000 care homes in the UK already rely on PHS to meet the demands of residents, staff and regulators.

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High standards of service

The wide range of specialist PHS services will ensure the smooth running of your office environement without adding any more stress to your day. 

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Serving the best

PHS can help you take care of business whilst taking care of your staff and customers needs with our expertise in servicing a range of retail environments.

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Value and service

PHS knows that providing value for money without compromising on quality is important to the public sector. With expert service and flexible agreements, PHS can help.

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