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COVID-19: We are by your side

Helping you get back to business, safely

2020 was a year rocked by COVID-19. Its impact has been widespread and indiscriminate on health, society and organisations. With so much change, organisations will be defined by their response to COVID-19 and how they will evolve, stay operational and safeguard themselves, their staff and customers for the future.

How is phs helping reduce the risk of COVID-19 for businesses, their customers and our staff?

We implemented a COVID-19 business continuity plan in 2020 to maintain our services, protect staff and minimise the spread of the disease. Our plan is regularly updated to reflect government advice across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and to ensure we are fully compliant with all legislative changes. Included in our plan is:

  • Regular COVID-19 training for our operational staff
  • All operational staff are provided with the correct PPE, in abundance
  • Hand sanitiser is used before each service visit and social distancing guidance will always be followed
  • Our operational staff now use a trolley for speedier servicing, allowing them to take waste away and reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Drivers are unlikely to be in small space, less than two metres apart with someone for 15 minutes or longer. We are a transient service
  • All our customer facing teams, service technicians and install engineers take a mandatory weekly lateral flow test at their local depot. Anyone testing positive cannot return to work (in line with government guidance) until confirmed negative for COVID-19
  • In line with legislation, only fully vaccinated drivers can service care homes

In short, the procedures we have in place reduce the risk of COVID for businesses, their customers and our staff. These procedures are similar to other organisations who may visit a business premises – delivery driver, external IT providers, cleaners, post/parcel delivery/collection etc.

We are confident as a business that we are taking a sensible approach to minimising risk with the steps outlined above.


phs COVID bundle

Covid bundle

Introducing phs’ COVID-Secure Bundle

While we've been offering hygiene products and services throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the phs COVID-19 bundle; the ultimate product package in the fight against infection.

The Bundle includes, a soap dispenser, a HEPA filtered hand dryer, an AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL air purifier (proven to be effective against the Human Coronavirus 229E), a BIOZONE and MINI POWERZONE air purifier (proven to be effective against SARS-Cov-19) and an ECLIPSE DISCREET AUTO sanitary bin.

Our Bundle can also be complimented by cleaning consumables, COVID waste disposal units and circular message mats, ensuring that your premises is ready to get back to business, safely.

Download our COVID-Secure product brochure to see how phs can help you!

Specialist COVID-19 hand care sanitiser and soap dispensers

Specialist Covid-19 hand care sanitiser and soap dispensers
We supply wall-mounted and free-standing hand soap and sanitiser dispensers designed to protect your employees and visitors. Both products are easy to use, and fully serviced at a frequency to suit the footfall and usage pattern of your washroom. 

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Download phs Deep Cleaning Guide

Download phs Deep Cleaning GuideDeep Clean Guide Download

Coronavirus COVID-19 emergency response commercial cleaning


phs Interclean have launched an emergency-response cleaning service for premises requiring a deep clean after identifying a case of COVID-19. 

This service is available 24/7, across all regions of the UK and Ireland. Upon commission, your premises will be deep cleaned and sanitised within 24 hours. 

All technicians are fully trained to the highest level of health and safety and are CRB checked.

Our COVID-19 deep cleans involve a unique ‘fogging’ service to ensure every interior surface is fully disinfected. This innovative treatment uses specialist antiviral cleaning products to safely kill any trace of viruses and germs. Our delivery of this service is fully compliant with Health and Safety requirements, ensuring the safety of your premises and your people.

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At phs, we provide hygiene services to over 120,000 customers, over 300,000 locations throughout the UK. As hygiene experts, we act as trusted advisors to organisations to create COVID-19-safe environments through a range of products and services bespoke to each premises.

Our knowledge centre is also full of up-to-date COVID-19 insights, ensuring your business is getting the guidance and support it needs.


Hands, face and space, but what about the air you breathe?

air cleaning

The greatest risk of COVID-19 transmission occurs in indoor environments, particularly in places where ventilation is poor. Imperative in reducing this risk and creating COVID-safe environments is understanding how coronavirus spreads indoors.

There is increasing evidence to suggest COVID-19 can spread via particles in the air, and not just via surface droplets. This makes cleaning indoor air just as important as cleaning surfaces.

phs has a range of air purification products, including the highly sought-after BIOZONE air purification system which is scientifically proven to kill SARS-COV-2 in less than one second. Equally, phs can also exclusively supply AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL Air purifiers. Independent laboratory testing has certified that phs’ AERAMAX Pro air purifiers eliminates 99.99% of an airborne coronavirus surrogate (the Human Coronavirus 229E), helping to create cleaner and safer indoor environments.

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COVID waste disposal

Hygienically dispose of waste generated by COVID rapid testing and used PPE with dedicated disposal units. At phs we can help ensure waste is dealt with responsibly with the phs PPE disposal bin and the COVID lateral flow testing bin.

Waste disposed of in these bins will be diverted away from landfill and sent to an energy from waste (EfW) plant, then turned into energy through our phs LifeCycle Strategy.

Responsibly dispose of your COVID waste

Essential COVID-19 consumables

cleaning tools

phs has a wide-range of paper hygiene products available immediately, including toilet rolls and paper towels. Our paper towels contain antimicrobial technology, which protects against cross-infection, dramatically reducing the risk of the spread of pathogenic germs such as E.coli, salmonella and MRSA.

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COVID-19 message/PPE mats

Covid-19 message/PPE mats

We all have an extra duty of care for our employees and visitors when it comes to workplace social distancing and hygiene. 

Our new COVID-19 message mats are a modern way of raising awareness and encouraging safe practice, by reminding people people to wash their hands and maintain social distancing.

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