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Apprenticeships at phs

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Learn as you earn

Apprenticeships play an important role in the running of phs. phs invest in their employees and offer apprenticeships to existing employees to help them grow within their roles and themselves. We also take on new recruits as apprentices giving them the chance to gain both a nationally recognised qualification and work experience at the same time. phs currently have over 120 employees undertaking apprenticeships of all levels.

On top of supporting our own, phs also transfers up to 25% of our apprentice levy fund to a number of businesses and charities to help them in training their own staff. One of these organisation is Fashion Enter, a UK-based not-for-profit social enterprise that is leading the way in ethical garment manufacturing.

Why be a phs Apprentice?

  • Apprentices at phs are real jobs. You'll be an employee from day one.
  • Learn as you earn. You'll earn a competitive starting salary that grows with your experience. We'll support your professional studies and personal development.
  • You're the future of phs. We prepare you for success with a fully integrated training programme that's often demanding, but always rewarding.
  • Apprentices can complete apprenticeships ranging from a Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE’s) up to a Level 7 (Master’s Degree) dependent on their job role and prior qualifications.

The benefits of becoming a phs Apprentice

  • Apprenticeships offer employees the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.
  • Gain a recognised qualification and develop your skillset.
  • An apprenticeship can open doors to all kinds of opportunities and careers.

Kelly Saund, Level 5 Operations Management

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David Collins, Level 6 Data Science

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Here are some examples of phs employees who are currently studying for an apprenticeship qualification or have completed one.

Charlotte Wilkes, Diploma in Business Administration

Read Charlotte's Case Study


Bart Rybak, Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor

Read Bart's Case Study


Zane Said, Electrical Apprenticeship

Read Zane's Case Study

phs are looking for people with drive and aspiration, as they work towards building an inclusive workplace. A place to actively celebrate the cultures, personalities, and preferences. So, if you’re interested in developing new skills while working in a thriving business, an apprentice with phs might be the right choice for you and your career.

Current Vacancies

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