The Blobcast: Free the Period

A Period Podcast

Are you ready to dive into a world where conversations about periods are not only normal but also empowering? Welcome to The Blobcast: Free the Period, a ground-breaking podcast that tackles all things related to menstruation with candour, humour, and expert insights.

The Blobcast is your go-to source for discussions on periods, from the basics to the complex. Our host, Kasey Robinson, invites guest experts to join her in four eye-opening episodes that cover everything from pain, shame, period basics, to products and their costs.

Breaking Period Stigma

We believe that it's high time we break the silence surrounding periods. By having open and honest conversations about menstruation, we aim to:

  • End Stigma: Periods are a natural part of life, and there's no shame in discussing them openly.
  • Educate: Learn about period-related topics, debunk myths, and get expert advice.
  • Empower: Encourage everyone to embrace their bodies and experiences.
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Episode Highlights

Blobcast EP.01 Shame

EP. 01 - Shame

Let's break down the walls of shame surrounding menstruation. We discuss societal taboos and the importance of owning our menstrual experiences.

Blobcast EP.02 Back To Basics

EP. 02 - Back to basics

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your period journey, we cover the fundamentals, answer common questions, and discuss period stigma.

Blobcast EP.03 Products + Costs

EP. 03 - Products + costs

With an array of products available, which best suits you? Explore the world of period products and their associated costs with us.

Blobcast EP.04 Pain

EP. 04 - Pain

The unspoken struggles of period pain. Our guest experts share insights, tips, and coping strategies to make those painful days a little more bearable.

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Resources and Learning Pack

Our Resources and Learning Pack provides guidance on period care and well-being, the biology behind periods, the various period products available and how to deal with period pain. The resource pack is there to guide you on topics covered in the podcast.

Join the Conversation

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