Period Equality in Sport

Creating period equality in sports

Creating period equality in sports is crucial to support athletes, aspiring athletes and anyone who wants to join a sport. By promoting and fostering a supportive environment in the world of sports, it encourages a broader participation base and creates safe spaces for anyone that menstruates, making sports a more equitable and inclusive reality for everyone.

How does period inequality affect sport participation?

Period inequalities can significantly affect sports participation in several ways, from stigma and embarrassment to lack of access to facilities and products to inadequate support and understanding. All these reinforce gender inequalities in sports and prevents talented individuals from reaching their full potential.

A survey conducted by The Youth Sport Trust found that 37% of girls have avoided taking part in school sports activities because of their periods.

A research paper in the Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal found that 34% of women have avoided physical activity during their period – with stigma and embarrassment noted as reasons why.

Staffordshire University conducted research at Women’s Football Clubs across six European countries and found that 69% of participants felt that education on the menstrual cycle was ‘not at all’ provided by their football club.

How can you help create period equality in sport?

Spreading awareness about period equality in sports is key to educating everyone about its importance and reducing the stigma around menstruation. Here are some examples on how you can facilitate period equality, ensuring periods isn’t a barrier to sport participation, at all levels.

Educate and Raise Awareness

Host workshops or seminars for athletes, coaches, and support staff to educate them about menstruation, its impact on athletic performance, and the importance of period equality. Use our educational materials, such as the free downloadable lesson plans.

Provide Free Period Products

Ensure easy access to free period products in sports facilities, such as locker rooms and washrooms. This simple step can make a significant difference in making everyone feel supported and comfortable.

Implement Supportive Policies

Advocate for and implement policies within your clubs to support anyone that menstruates, from colleagues, athletes to supporters. This could include flexible training schedules, allowances for menstruation-related absences, and privacy considerations.

Encourage Open Dialogues

Create an environment where anyone should feel safe and supported in discussing menstruation and its effects without fear of stigma or embarrassment. Open dialogue can help normalise periods and lead to a more inclusive sports culture, even in male clubs.

Inclusive Facilities

A well facilitated washroom and changing rooms, equipped with free period products will boost morale, and encourage success. Easy and free distribution of period products can be achieved by a phs Period Equality Help Yourself Vend.

Social Value

Through our phs LifeCycle Strategy, the waste collected from phs sanitary bins is diverted from landfills and transformed into energy, demonstrating your commitment to both social responsibility and environmental impact.

What period products are available?

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