Male Incontinence Matters

At phs Group, we believe in equality and inclusion in the washroom. As the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland, and Spain, we have the responsibility to encourage lasting change. 

Historically, male washrooms lack amenities, especially when it comes to the disposal of hygiene waste such as incontinence products. Washroom vending machines have also traditionally lack much needed male incontinence products, supporting men who may need them in their time of need when out and about. We know what men need when they visit the washroom, and we are driven to provide facilities that enable all men to dispose of their incontinence waste with dignity and sustainably. 

Creating lasting change

In partnership with Prostate Cancer UK, we are committed to eradicating the stigma associated with male incontinence through our Dispose with Dignity campaign and Prostate Cancer’s Boys Need Bins campaign; through driving awareness, providing guidance, and offering a dignified disposal solution in the washroom.  


Prostate Cancer UK is the leading charity for men's health in the UK, with a deep understanding of the challenges men encounter during and post-prostate cancer treatment. These challenges may include urinary incontinence resulting from prostatectomy or other treatments like radiotherapy. Together, we will create a world where men’s lives are not limited by urinary incontinence. 

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1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetimes, rising to 1 in 4 in black men.* 

*phs Dispose with Dignity whitepaper

This is why Dispose with Dignity exists, helping men to live well

Dispose With Dignity

Why should you support Dispose with Dignity?

By implementing measures to create equality in the washroom for men, you can make significant strides towards fostering a more inclusive, supportive, and dignified society. 

phs Lifecycle Strategy

Supporting Men’s Health

Providing incontinence provisions in the male washrooms demonstrates your commitment to supporting men’s health, offering tangible support during vulnerable time in their lives.

Environmental Sustainability

At phs, we’re tackling the taboo and protecting the environment. Implementing disposal bins for incontinence not only addresses hygiene needs but also contributes to sustainability efforts. Up to 95% of the waste collected is diverted away from landfill.

Social Value

Organisations that support male incontinence provisions showcase their dedication to social responsibility, their commitment to doing the right thing, supporting the well-being of men in our society.

Facilitating Daily Life

Access to incontinence disposal bins in public and a workplace setting allows men to live their lives more comfortably and with less worry, supporting their ability to participate fully in social and professional environments.

Doing the Right Thing

Dealing with incontinence can present many challenges, from inadequate disposal facilities when out and about, to lack of access to incontinence products in public spaces and embarrassment of having to navigate daily life with this condition.

Reducing Stigma and Promoting Dignity

Offering incontinence provisions plays a crucial role in breaking down the stigma associated with male incontinence. It sends a powerful message that men's health issues are recognised and respected, promoting dignity in the washroom.

phs Lifecycle Strategy

Dispose with Dignity where you are

MI Publlic Spaces

Public Spaces

Supporting men when out and about

Public Spaces
Public Spaces
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Supporting men at a place of work



Supporting men in construction

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Supporting men when participating in their favourite sports


View our Male Incontinence products

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phs Male Incontinence Bag Dispenser

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phs Male Incontinence Bag Dispenser
Sanitary Bin
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phs Male Incontinence Bin

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phs Male Incontinence Bin
Vending Machine
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phs Help Yourself Male Incontinence Vend

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phs Help Yourself Male Incontinence Vend

Tena Male Incontinence Protector - Light

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Tena Male Incontinence Protector - Light
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Tena Male Incontinence Shields - Extra Light

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Tena Male Incontinence Shields - Extra Light

phs Male Incontinence Bin Map 

To support men in managing incontinence with greater ease and confidence when out and about, we've created a comprehensive bin map that is regularly updated to show the locations of phs Male Incontinence Bins.  


The map employs green markers to denote public washrooms with our bins, enabling easy location-finding, while blue markers show bins on private premises, clarifying accessibility. This essential resource assists men in managing incontinence with dignity, reducing related stress.

7 in 10 men with the condition stated they would be more likely to use a restaurant or business if they knew it was supporting male incontinence provisions.

*phs Dispose with Dignity whitepaper 
Male Incontinence Prostate Cancer Risk Checker

Prostate Cancer Risk Checker

It's the most common cancer in men, but most men with early prostate cancer don’t have symptoms. Check your risk in 30 seconds with the Prostate Cancer UK risk checker.

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Help us campaign to Government

Send a letter to your local MP to urge the Government to provide the necessary facilities for men to dispose of their incontinence products, discreetly.

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View our Male Incontinence resource hub

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