Addressing Male Incontinence with PHS Commitment to Comfort in Public Spaces

Breaking Barriers

Male incontinence provisions in public spaces are not just a matter of convenience; it's a fundamental aspect of inclusivity, respect, and dignity. Men living with incontinence face daily challenges that can significantly affect their quality of life, including anxiety about being in public spaces without access to disposal methods and products in washrooms. By ensuring these provisions are available, we acknowledge and address a critical health issue, removing barriers that can lead to social isolation and diminished self-esteem that come with incontinence.

By supporting the Dispose with Dignity campaign, men can lead more active, engaged lives, reinforcing the principle that health conditions should not dictate someone‚Äôs ability to participate fully in society. This initiative not only promotes a healthier, more compassionate environment for men but also raises awareness and understanding of male incontinence, helping to break down the stigma associated with this condition. 

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Don’t just take our word for it

Transport for Wales and Moto Motorway Services are leading examples of how organisations can create lasting change by installing phs Male Incontinence Bins, providing men the means to dispose of incontinence products with dignity and supporting a more inclusive and compassionate approach to public facilities. 

More than half (51%) of men stated that they had experienced symptoms associated with urinary incontinence.* 

*phs Dispose with Dignity whitepaper



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Sanitary Bin
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phs Male Incontinence Bin

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phs Male Incontinence Bin
Vending Machine
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phs Help Yourself Male Incontinence Vend

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phs Help Yourself Male Incontinence Vend

Tena Male Incontinence Protector - Light

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Tena Male Incontinence Protector - Light
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Tena Male Incontinence Shields - Extra Light

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Tena Male Incontinence Shields - Extra Light
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phs Male Incontinence Bag Dispenser

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phs Male Incontinence Bag Dispenser
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