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Wet area matting from phs is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is slip resistant and has anti-fatigue properties for added comfort.

These hardwearing and UV resistant mats are made from Nitrile Rubber, providing a cost-effective and long-term solution for your premises. They are suitable for leisure areas such as pools and spas. They are also safe for use in medical areas, including operation rooms and scrub areas.

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Wet Area Matting
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phs Wet Area Matting

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phs Wet Area Matting
Fitted Serviced Mats
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phs Ultra Plus Mat

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phs Ultra Plus Mat
Anti fatigue Mats
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phs Ultraflow Mat - Anti-Fatigue

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phs Ultraflow Mat - Anti-Fatigue
Anti fatigue Mats
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Slip Safety Testing Service

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Slip Safety Testing Service

I needed a new school to be added to an existing MAT contract and Anna Bailey was extremely helpful and supportive from start to finish. Very quick in managing requests and answering questions. Thank you

Shona Barker 21 November 2023

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Paperless account management 

The Myphs online portal offers an easy way to access key documents, raise queries, track visits, and pay invoices.

Reaching CSR goals together 

Providing sustainable products and services to our customers. Working with us can help your business reach its own environmental goals.

Environmental Sustainability

We are dedicated to reducing our negative impact through innovative carbon reduction solutions, contributing to a healthier future.

Training and Development

Through training and development programs, our employees can reach their full potential, while fostering a culture of excellence.

Prioritising Wellbeing

Creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture is essential to us. We recognise a happy workforce is key to our success.

Expert hygiene support

Whether you prefer in-person site visits, telephone calls, or email, our hygiene experts will provide solutions to suit you.


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Birmingham City FC Case Study

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Birmingham City FC Case Study

Frequently asked questions

Below, you'll find a curated list of the most common inquiries we receive, complete with detailed responses to guide you. Whether you're looking for quick information or need in-depth guidance on specific topics, our FAQs are designed to help.

Wet area mats are designed for locations with high moisture levels, offering slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties, enhancing safety and comfort.

phs offers durable, UV-resistant mats made from Nitrile Rubber, providing a long-term, cost-effective solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

phs provides regular specialist laundering, delivering fresh, clean mats consistently to maintain hygiene and safety standards.

Yes, they are ideal for locker rooms, pools, spas, and medical areas like operating rooms, ensuring safety and hygiene.

These mats are slip-resistant, comfortable to walk on, and treated with anti-microbial properties for enhanced hygiene.

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