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Micrakleen is an effective, environmentally friendly, biological washroom cleaner. It can be used safely in the urinal without harming your Eco-Shield.

This cleaner contains millions of micro-organisms which destroy uric salts and other soiling, leaving the washroom smelling fresh and clean without damaging the bacteria balance. 




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I’m very pleased with the service I’ve received from Natalie K. She had called me this morning as I had some questions I wanted to ask before the signing the contract and she was so helpful. She explained everything to me in detail and gave me the advice I wanted and needed. I’m very happy with how responsive and helpful she has been too.

Amo Mann 4 March 2024

Key benefits

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A Sustainable Partnership

phs offer a range of services to help your business achieve CSR targets, while ensuring your workplace is clean and safe.

More sustainable washrooms

The washroom is often overlooked when working to reduce your businesses carbon footprint. But it only takes a few small changes to make washrooms more eco-friendly environments.

Supply Chain Responsibility

We are committed to maintaining ethical relationships with our suppliers, with business goals deeply grounded in social responsibility.

Paperless account management 

The Myphs online portal offers an easy way to access key documents, raise queries, track visits, and pay invoices.

Reaching CSR goals together 

Providing sustainable products and services to our customers. Working with us can help your business reach its own environmental goals.

Environmental Sustainability

We are dedicated to reducing our negative impact through innovative carbon reduction solutions, contributing to a healthier future.

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Birmingham City FC Case Study

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Birmingham City FC Case Study

Frequently asked questions

Micrakleen is an environmentally friendly, biological washroom cleaner designed for use in urinals and other washroom areas. It effectively destroys uric salts and other soiling, ensuring the washroom remains fresh and clean without damaging the bacteria balance.

Micrakleen is formulated with millions of micro-organisms that naturally break down waste and soiling, making it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to chemical-based cleaners. It also helps maintain the natural microbial balance, which is crucial for a healthy ecosystem within washroom facilities.

Yes, Micrakleen is specifically designed to be used safely with PHS Eco Shields, ensuring that it does not harm the beneficial bacteria within these systems. This compatibility allows for effective cleaning without disrupting the ecological balance.

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