Advancing Period Equality in Education

Creating period equality in Education

Creating period equality in education ensures that all learners have equal access to learning opportunities, free from the barriers and stigma associated with periods, fostering a supportive and inclusive educational environment.

Are period products free where you are?

At phs Group, we believe that no learner should ever face barriers to their education simply because of their period. Creating period equality in education is a matter of equality, dignity, and ensuring that every learner has the opportunity to thrive and learn.

phs are proudly delivering period equality to schools and colleges in England via The Department for Education’s (DfE) Period Product scheme to provide free period products to young people who need them. This scheme enables all learners to fully participate in education by making period products available as and when they are needed. Click here to find out how Portland Academy increased attendance thanks to free period products.

Every eligible school/college has a log-in for the phs order portal to order from a range of period products, including standard, organic, and re-usable pads and tampons, and menstrual cups. If you have yet to receive your activation email or require more information on the scheme or portal, contact phs directly by emailing or calling 01827 255 500.

Under its Period Dignity Action Plan, the Welsh Government has provided funding for free period products across education in Wales since 2019, which includes schools and further education institutions. Funding is given to local authorities to facilitate the distribution of products, with varying approaches depending on local strategy. Some are ordering products to be delivered to schools while others are distributing funding for products to be ordered directly by schools to their individual requirements. 

Check with your local authority to access the period product. phs is a proud supplier of period products on the Welsh Government’s framework.

The first country in the world to offer free period products in schools, colleges and universities and has done so since 2018. Funding is provided directly to local authorities. Arrangements for distribution are made with schools, depending on each council’s process.

All schools in Northern Ireland can provide free period products to learners under a new period dignity scheme designed to promote attendance at school by tackling period poverty. Funded by the Northern Ireland Executive and delivered by the Department of Education, the three-year pilot began in September 2021. Schools have been allocated an initial budget to purchase products. There is a policy and guidance document for schools and schools can order free products via an online portal.

Did you know

1 in 9 learners told us they have missed school or college because they could not afford period products.

Our Beliefs

At phs Group, we believe that no learner should ever face barriers to their education simply because of their period. Creating period equality in education is a matter of equality, dignity, and ensuring that every learner has the opportunity to thrive.

Our Commitment

Since 2019, phs embraced the mission to foster period equality within the educational. This commitment was demonstrated through our participation in the government's period taskforce, to address and dismantle the barriers caused by menstruation in schools.

Our Support

We’ve supported period-focused charities, amplifying their impact and reach, and we’ve also innovated in the space by creating a period podcast, which serves as a platform for education, discussion, and de-stigmatisation of periods.

Our Collaboration

Collaborating with the Department for Education and local authorities, phs has played a pivotal role in the implementation of period equality initiatives. Our efforts contributed to delivering free period products and resources to over 20,000 schools.

Our Action

Through these actions, phs has shown a deep commitment to making period equality a reality in the educational landscape, recognising its fundamental role in fostering an inclusive and equitable learning environment for all.

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While free period products are made available to those who need them at schools and colleges, over half surveyed (52%) did not find them freely available in washrooms.

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What period products are available?

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