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phs offer a range of fully serviced sharps disposal containers to help your business meet legal responsibilities, while keeping employees and clients safe.

Our hard-wearing and tamper proof sharps disposal boxes are made from up to 100% recycled material. Whether you have large or small volumes of waste, we will tailor the collection schedule to meet your needs.


Sharps Disposal
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Highly Infectious Waste - Sharps

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Highly Infectious Waste - Sharps
Sharps Disposal
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Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Waste - Sharps

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Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Waste - Sharps
Sharps Disposal
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Highly Infectious Waste - Clinical

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Highly Infectious Waste - Clinical

Helen Morgan has been incredibly helpful in providing the information needed to set up our sharps bins collection. She replies instantly to all queries and is very friendly in her communication.

Sally Styles 24 January 2024

Key benefits

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A Sustainable Partnership

phs offer a range of services to help your business achieve CSR targets, while ensuring your workplace is clean and safe.

More sustainable washrooms

The washroom is often overlooked when working to reduce your businesses carbon footprint. But it only takes a few small changes to make washrooms more eco-friendly environments.

Supply Chain Responsibility

We are committed to maintaining ethical relationships with our suppliers, with business goals deeply grounded in social responsibility.

Paperless account management 

The Myphs online portal offers an easy way to access key documents, raise queries, track visits, and pay invoices.

Reaching CSR goals together 

Providing sustainable products and services to our customers. Working with us can help your business reach its own environmental goals.

Environmental Sustainability

We are dedicated to reducing our negative impact through innovative carbon reduction solutions, contributing to a healthier future.

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You should care about this service because...

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employees supporting businesses across the UK
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tons of offensive waste annually diverted from landfill
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of collected hygiene waste diverted from landfill in 2023
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years of no waste sent to landfill at our London and Midlands depots
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service visits every day

AERAMAX PRO Netherlands GP case study

Patients are a source of airbourne pollutants at the doctors. The influenza virus, fungi, bacteria and sometimes unpleasant odours can all be present in waiting areas and treatment rooms.

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AERAMAX PRO Netherlands GP case study

Frequently asked questions

PHS offers a range of sharps disposal solutions tailored to various needs, including containers, bins, and kits available in multiple sizes for safe and compliant disposal. 

PHS's sharps disposal products are designed to the highest quality specifications, providing guaranteed safety, and helping businesses comply with legal obligations. 

Yes, whether in bulk or small volumes, PHS can tailor sharps waste disposal services to specific requirements, ensuring efficient and compliant waste management. 

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