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Your office keyboards can be full of dirt and bacteria, not to mention your last office snack. Even cross - contamination from your hands can build up over time.

Regular cleaning of computers and keyboards, not only of dirt but of bacteria too, will help you create a cleaner office environment that can boost the morale and concentration of your staff.

Lisa Birt has been excellent in supporting the extra quotes we required to run alongside the current services PHS provide our businesses. Highly recommended.

Advanex Europe Ltd 18 March 2024

Key benefits

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Training and Development

Through training and development programs, our employees can reach their full potential, while fostering a culture of excellence.

Prioritising Wellbeing

Creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture is essential to us. We recognise a happy workforce is key to our success.

Expert hygiene support

Whether you prefer in-person site visits, telephone calls, or email, our hygiene experts will provide solutions to suit you.

Community Engagement

By encouraging participation in local fundraising and volunteer activities, we actively connect with the communities we operate in.

Sustainable waste management

The industry-leading phs LifeCycle Strategy diverts hygiene waste away from landfill and sends it to energy recovery facilities (ERFs).

Sustainable waste disposal

Collected hygiene waste is diverted away from landfill and disposed of sustainably with the industry-leading phs LifeCycle Strategy.

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You should care about this service because...

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years of no waste sent to landfill at our London and Midlands depots
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of collected hygiene waste diverted from landfill in 2023
Fill 1 2
years of no waste sent to landfill at our London and Midlands depots
Fill 1 2
service visits every day
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tons of hygiene waste collected every year

Garic Case Study

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Garic Case Study

Frequently asked questions

The service encompasses detailed cleaning of keyboards and computers to remove dirt, bacteria, and ensure a hygienic work environment.

Regular cleaning reduces the spread of bacteria, boosts morale, and decreases sickness levels among staff, contributing to a healthier workplace.

phs tailors its services to fit around your schedule, ensuring that cleaning does not interrupt your office's workflow.

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