The road to sustainability

Each day, phs Washroom Service Technicians undertake 20,000 service visits to our customers’ sites to perform essential hygiene services. Our fleet uses environmentally cleaner washroom service vehicles, including electric vehicles, with all company vehicles meeting Euro VI emissions standards. 

Reducing packaging waste

From our class leading ‘paper wrapped in paper’approach (eliminating plastic use and focusing on recycled FSC accredited and sustainable material sources) to utilising bamboo or sugar cane materials in our paper products, we are delivering cost effective and sustainable solutions to our customers. 

Life Cycle Edit Reducing Packaging=Waste

Recycling Initiatives at phs

As we work towards our goal of Net Zero by 2040, our recycling initiatives focus on creating sustainable products and procedures.

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Product Packaging

Where possible, we use no packaging in product supply and replace plastic containers with cardboard alternatives.

phs Lifecycle Strategy

In 2023, we diverted 92% of our customers hygiene waste away from landfill and turned it into renewable energy.

Depots and Offices

In our own phs workplaces, we are now producing 40% less waste thanks to more efficient recycling procedures.

Product Refurbishment

We have an inhouse team of experts who focus on refurbishing and recycling our products to prolong their life.

Air Fragrancing

The aerosols for our air fresheners are 100% recycled after a service.

Compliant Disposal

Used batteries from our products are recycled via the National Battery Back Scheme.

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Reducing packaging waste

Where possible, phs will strongly advocate the use of concentrate chemicals as a safe and effective method to reduce the number of containers and single use plastic, with the use of reusable trigger spray bottles. 

phs only use single use packages in outer packaging and pallet wrap. We have taken steps within our supply chain to specify that these are only to be LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) which is categorised as code 4 plastic. This means that this plastic can be recycled both commercially and domestically but is also considered less toxic than other types of plastics.  

Within our polythene category, we are working to ensure our bags are compliant and free of plastic tax i.e., contain a minimum of 70% recycled material.

We replace plastic containers with cardboard alternatives whenever possible.

Chemical products will be packaged in 80% recyclable plastic as part of our plastic management pledge and in general, any 750ml, 1 litre or 5 litre plastic containers are placed in a secure outer case packaging which is recycled cardboard.  


Air Care


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Sanitary Bin
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phs Male Incontinence Bin

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Fitted Mats Phs Group

Eco-friendly floorcare

A kinder way to clean mats and flooring.

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Waste Hierarchy

Learn about the importance of waste management.

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Blind Cleaning


Plastic-free cleaning products for your workplace.

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