Sustainability - We're Diverting Waste from Landfill

We do more than you think

phs Group is the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland and Spain. Our team of over 3,000 expert personnel provides washroom, floorcare, healthcare and a range of specialist services to over 120,000 customers ranging from large single sites, to multi-national restaurant chains, healthcare establishments and small owner-occupied shops. Wherever we’re needed, we’re on your doorstep.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility goals and commitments are in the here and now; the focus of our values and priorities are at the forefront of our mindset, our modus operandi, embedded throughout our organisation and forming part and parcel of our daily actions.

What makes phs different? It’s our commitment to do the right thing. We’re helping clean up the ocean from plastic by using ghost fishing nets to create ECONYL® floor mats. Our patented products deliver significant water and cost savings. Our air purifiers help to improve employee well-being. By using phs, organisations can make a difference to the environment and their bottom line as well as telling a good news story. It’s all about doing the right thing.

Action now to make a difference

As the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland and Spain, it is our responsibility to set benchmarks for standards, to drive change and to innovate.

Our work, providing essential services and products to over 300,000 customer locations, enabling them to stay hygienic and legally compliant, is more important than ever.

From initiatives, such as:

The introduction of more fuel efficient and environmentally cleaner washroom vehicles

Our eco-friendly, carbon neutral air fresheners

Plastic-free chemical sachets and enzyme-based cleaning materials

Raising awareness of Period Inequality

Milestones in reducing waste, increasing the lifespan of products and providing sustainable energy resources

Not forgetting our ground-breaking LifeCycle Strategy, which remains the driving force behind our commitment to develop and promote progressive and environmentally responsible solutions.

Our Brands

  • Exterior deep cleaning
  • Interior deep cleaning
  • Floor deep cleaning
  • Specialist deep cleaning
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Paper & wiping
  • Janitorial & anciliary
  • Washroom & specialists
  • Hanging baskets
  • Christmas trees
  • Office plants
  • Landscaping
  • Fixed wire and testing
  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance
  • Fire and security maintenance
  • Electric vehicle charging services
  • Crate wash services
  • Crates and accessories to buy
  • Crate rental
  • Range of safety workwear
  • Unique laundry service
  • Locker service
  • Uniform destruction
  • Waste reduction and segregation
  • Waste and money saving audit
  • Landfill diversion
  • Bespoke tailored solutions