Social Value - Environmental

phs Group operates an ISO14001 accredited Environmental Management System and has a target to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2040. 

We have signed up to science-based targets to reduce our Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions and are actively introducing innovative ways to decarbonise our estate.  

Sustainable Waste Disposal

We are at the forefront of sustainable waste management within the hygiene sector; as part of the phs LifeCycle Strategy, our partnerships with energy-from-waste (EfW) networks across the UK enable us to divert up to 95% of the offensive waste we collect from our customers away from landfill and create energy from it instead.

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Recent achievements

As part of our Net Zero by 2040 plan, several environmental management measures and projects have already been completed.

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A cleaner fleet

Our fleet uses environmentally cleaner washroom service vehicles, including electric vehicles, with all company vehicles meeting Euro VI emissions standards. 

Fuel efficiency

We have worked to encourage safe and fuel-efficient driving, leading to a 3% reduction in fuel usage and less accidents.

Less mileage

Amendments to our delivery model for washroom services meaning that drivers are required to visit the service depot less frequently.

Educating our teams

Engagement with employees on sustainability and social value through training and online information portals and communities.

Supporting customers

Training and knowledge transfer for our clients including bespoke fuel usage and waste reports for their specific contracts. 

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Waste minimisation and recycling considerations are embedded within the phs culture as part of our broader Environmental Policy. phs operates a system based on the waste hierarchy as set out in the DEFRA National Waste Strategy.

Water And Waste
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Energy efficiency  

Electricity used at phs sites is sourced from certified renewable resources. Energy consumption is monitored to ensure that spikes in consumption are addressed, and long-term trends identified. Several high consumption sites have signed up to Climate Change Agreements, which incentivises us to manage energy consumption more efficiently.  

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Environmentally friendly products

Ongoing product development means we are continually creating new environmentally friendly options, such as water management products, energy efficient hand dryers and biodegradable, enzyme-based cleaning products. Our ECONYL mats are made from discarded fishing nets, supporting a global cause to reduce waste in our oceans.  While our rPET logo mats are made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Supply chain 

phs manages a robust, ethical supply chain consisting of a fully vetted preferred supplier list. Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the minimum requirements we look for in the businesses we work with. We are accredited by Eco Vadis, who provide independent Corporate Social Responsibility ratings and registered on the SEDEX database which allows organisations to store and view data on ethical and responsible business practices. 

Our Brands

  • Exterior deep cleaning
  • Interior deep cleaning
  • Floor deep cleaning
  • Specialist deep cleaning
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Paper & wiping
  • Janitorial & anciliary
  • Washroom & specialists
  • Hanging baskets
  • Christmas trees
  • Office plants
  • Landscaping
  • Fixed wire and testing
  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance
  • Fire and security maintenance
  • Electric vehicle charging services
  • Crate wash services
  • Crates and accessories to buy
  • Crate rental
  • Range of safety workwear
  • Unique laundry service
  • Locker service
  • Uniform destruction
  • Waste reduction and segregation
  • Waste and money saving audit
  • Landfill diversion
  • Bespoke tailored solutions