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Healthcare Hygiene Services

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Healthcare Hygiene Services

Healthcare Hygiene Services

Helping you create a welcoming, hygienic, and safe healthcare/professional environment.

At phs, we understand that healthcare businesses operate in a challenging market.

We're here to give you one less thing to worry about. Ensuring your infectious waste is safely and legally disposed of.

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Working with phs

  • As healthcare waste management experts, phs can help your business manage its clinical healthcare waste.

    • A range of healthcare waste solutions for all healthcare related waste streams, and for all unique types of waste.
    • Clinical waste collections will be made by a phs technician for compliant disposal, at a frequency of your choosing.
    • Environmentally friendly waste container options, to help your business reduce its use of single use plastic and to safely manage more offensive waste streams.


Pre-Acceptance Audit 

As a healthcare waste service, phs has a legal duty to obtain certain information from your business before we can commit to collecting your medical waste. This is called a Pre-Acceptance Audit.

We offer a digital Pre-Acceptance audit to make the process as easy as possible for your business.

Download Our Pre Acceptance - A Step-by-Step Guide Now

The frequency of your waste collection service will be tailored to suit your needs.

All waste will be safely collected by a phs technician and disposed of inline with waste regulation laws.

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Why phs

We know that running a successful and profitable healthcare business means winning the confidence of patients and staying on top of legislation and regulatory standards at all times.

Our expert and professional team are on hand to support healthcare businesses as they strive for the highest possible standards in hygiene and care.

We work with hospitals, care homes, doctor surgeries, vets, dentists and tattoo parlours across the UK offering a flexible, discreet and professional service to meet your exact requirements.

This includes unique and specialised forms of clinical waste that need to be handled in a unique way - from stoma bags and bodily fluids to incontinence pads, sanitary products, pharmaceutical products and other forms of clinical waste.

We take care of every aspect of your healthcare hygiene needs, from creating healthier, fresh-smelling waiting rooms, to maintaining hygienic washrooms, providing and removing sharps containers, and providing safe and secure hazardous waste management.

We ensure that all healthcare waste is handled strictly in line with current legislation and according to Best Practice Guidelines. Get in touch to learn more about our healthcare waste collection service.

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