More than 49,000 healthcare professionals already trust PHS to help them create a clean, efficient and morale boosting environment. With modern systems and decades of specialist healthcare experience, PHS can get the job done.

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  • Sustainable ethos
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How PHS helps healthcare

We know that healthcare organisations are busy places, but when demand is high and budgets are being squeezed, it's easy to forget about things like safety and the quality of your facilities.

With our range of products and services, PHS can take these problems off your hands and help make your premises a better place to be while saving you some money along the way.

Improve and cut costs

In health environments, providing the highest level of care possible is a top priority. But in order to do so, you need happy staff and hygienic surroundings. This isn’t always easy to accomplish, especially when budgets are being squeezed.

PHS have the solutions to make all this happen, built with sustainability, efficiency and reliability in mind.

  • Save money on energy, water and waste disposal
  • Complete compliance with all relevant legislation guaranteed
  • Service, maintenance and installation visits at your convenience
  • Trusted by thousands of healthcare organisations nationwide

The choice of healthcare professionals

PHS is proud to have served the healthcare industry for decades, and with over 40,000 health organisations already using our services, we’re confident in our ability to deliver results.

Having worked closely with a wide variety of healthcare clients, our knowledge of the industry is hard to beat, so all the little niggles you might get with other suppliers are non-existent with PHS. Get in touch to see how we can help.