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phs Besafe

phs Besafe

phs Besafe specialises in flexible and reliable managed workwear and unique commercial laundry services, ideal for industrial businesses looking to relieve the pressure of managing staff workwear.

Whether you need clothing for two or 2,000 employees, we provide a fully tailored service right across the UK, including garment supply, rental, laundry, garment inspections and repairs, workwear lockers and even logo embroidery.

Comfort and safety

We take the comfort and safety of your staff very seriously and offer a personalised service to all customers. We guarantee on-time delivery, real-time garment tracking and consistently high quality wash results.

phs Besafe provides a workwear supply and laundering service for over 3,000 UK sites, helping to ensure the safety and comfort of thousands of people.

Many employees work in hazardous conditions every day, so it is therefore essential that employees working in these conditions are kept seen and protected at all times with the correct PPE.

Employers must also ensure that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is maintained to be compliant, which includes ensuring that workwear is cleaned, in efficient working order and in good repair.

Wear and tear is part of everyday life so throughout our laundry service, every garment is carefully inspected and repaired before being returned to the customer. This also allows us to carry out any alterations if required.

We understand that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes so we offer a tailored measurement service to ensure your staff feel comfortable and safe in their new workwear.

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Tracked garments

We take care of every business workwear need from measurement and garment embroidery, to high quality workwear, laundry and repairs and even secure garment disposal. Our services are tailored to your exact needs so you can concentrate on your staff and not their workwear.

We pride ourselves on our unique, organic wash process, which respects the fabric of the workwear and preserves the waterproof and hi-visibility properties of the garment, extending its life whilst giving the highest quality clean.

Our customers rest assured that each and every garment is carefully tracked at all stages. All garments are barcoded to allow easy identification and tracking and we provide regular reports providing important information such as laundry history, repairs and expected garment life.

We also offer a wide range of standard workwear lockers to reduce casual theft within your premises and eliminate the need for staffed cloakrooms on-site. Our workwear lockers can be purchased outright or rented as part of our managed locker service.

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