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Education Sectors

Education Sectors

Educational facilities need to be clean. Due to the nature of schools and colleges, this typically takes more regular cleaning than it does in most other environments. 

Increased sick days, demoralised staff and a negative school, college or university reputation are all consequences that can come about by failing to put the right measures in place for optimal hygiene. Yet school cleaners, caretakers and other busy staff don't always have the time or equipment needed to keep areas such as washrooms, corridors and classrooms at the ideal levels of cleanliness. Professional cleaning services are the answer and the most effective way to provide an excellent service that protects the safety of students and keeps the premises clean at the same time.

It's not just schools and educational bodies either - we have experience in most public sector establishments, including leisure centres, veterinary practices, dental practices and more.

Why phs

It doesn't have to be like this: phs already provides affordable and efficient cleaning services and professional school cleaning services to more than 24,000 schools, pre - schools and other education establishments. We can help secondary schools, primary schools or colleges to thrive and meet their cleaning requirements without compromising on hygiene, providing flexible contracts designed to fit within your strict budgets.

With school budgets getting more and more tight, internal cleaners are becoming more and more of a drain for educational institutions. Professional cleaners come with extensive experience, and only carry out the hours and tasks needed (including bigger tasks in school holidays if needed), allowing your internal staff to focus on what they should be - educating students. This wealth of experience offered by trained cleaners not only provides a more cost effective solution but improves hygiene levels too, allowing you to keep within tight budgets while still providing the highest standard of cleaning.

Filling your college and university places is competitive. Your prospective students set high standards for the higher education accommodation and lecture halls they choose, and expect cleaning standards to match.

From open-day to graduation, your facilities need to impress and provide a healthy environment for students to learn. With limited budgets and numerous buildings to manage, we know the basics can easily be overlooked. From safe cleaning products to non-intrusive cleaners, our reliable cleaning services know exactly what your school needs.

We know that your main priority is undisturbed education and safe working environment for your students. That's why we will limit any disruption by delivering your deep cleaning services on a schedule that is decided by you.

Our teams can also enter your premises, carry out any required tasks, and leave with minimal to zero interruption to classes or your daily routine.

Industry insights from our experts

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phs shines a light on washrooms

phs shines a light on washrooms

"It was challenging trying to keep the washrooms fresh and clean with such a large number of pupils, many of whom are still young. We needed support. phs quickly came up with solutions to tackle the bad odours we were experiencing and to prevent them from building up again, as well as other solutions to keep our washrooms running efficiently and cost-effectively."

washing hands

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Clean and sanitary

Both students and staff require clean, safe environments in order to achieve the best results on behalf of your establishment. Effective learning is understandably the number one priority for teachers in schools and colleges around the country.

Yet unless they have access to clean washrooms and sanitary facilities, students may feel distracted and uncomfortable in lessons, leading to increased absence and substandard grades that reflect poorly on your establishment.

Having provided services to schools for 50 years, phs is one of the UK's most trusted and well-known school cleaning services and office cleaning services suppliers.

With decades of experience working with education providers, we've developed products and services designed to make managing your establishment easier.

With fully-accredited regional teams based in every geographical location, we're always on hand to deliver exceptional upkeep and maintenance services to keep your environment presentable, hygienic and compliant with health and safety legislation.

Professional, non intrusive and efficient cleaning services offered by phs to education establishments include office cleaning services, carpet cleaning, daily school cleaning services, term and half term school deep cleaning, window cleaning, and many more ways to ensure a hygienic and clean school - in fact we can customise our offerings to suit your own needs, to consider getting in touch to discuss.

As the leading school cleaning company in the UK, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

Read This Case Study

Read This Case Study
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