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Male Incontinence

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Male Incontinence Matters

At phs, we believe in equality and inclusion in the washroom. As the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland, and Spain, we have the responsibility to encourage lasting change. 

Historically, male washrooms lack amenities, especially when it comes to the disposal of hygiene waste such as incontinence products. Tackling the taboo and protecting the environment, we know what men need when they visit the washroom, and we are driven to provide facilities that enable all men to dispose of their incontinence waste with dignity. 

Click on the map below to view all our customer locations, that have installed a male incontinence bin, to help men dispose of their waste with dignity. 

On this map, green markers indicate publicly accessible toilets, while blue markers represent private company locations.


More than half (51%) of men stated that they had experienced symptoms associated with urinary incontinence. *

Prostate Cancer UK is the largest men’s health charity in the UK and understands men and the struggles they face during and after treatment for prostate cancer. This can include urinary incontinence because of prostate removal, or other treatments such as radiotherapy. Working with Prostate Cancer UK, we are driven to remove the stigma around male urinary incontinence by raising awareness, providing guidance, and offering a dignified disposal solution in the washroom. Together, we will create a world where men’s lives are not limited by urinary incontinence. 


To read more on how Garic and Moto are creating change in their washrooms, please click their respective logos below.



We have taken a significant step towards fostering washroom equality in male washrooms through the introduction of a trio of innovative products designed to cater to men with incontinence needs. 

The phs Male Incontinence Bin provides a discreet and hygienic disposal option, ensuring users can manage their incontinence products with dignity. Complementing this, the phs Male Incontinence Help Yourself Vend offers convenient access to necessary incontinence products, enabling men to find what they need without embarrassment or inconvenience. Additionally, the phs Male Incontinence Bag Dispenser further enhances the user experience by providing easy access to disposal bags, making the management of incontinence products as discreet and straightforward as possible.  

Together, these products form a comprehensive solution that ensures men with incontinence can use washroom facilities with confidence and dignity, knowing that their needs are thoughtfully accommodated. This approach not only addresses the practical aspects of incontinence care but also significantly contributes to reducing the stigma associated with male incontinence, promoting a more inclusive and dignified washroom environment. 


We’re strong advocates in raising awareness against flushing hygiene products down the toilets, and to bin them instead. The same goes for male washrooms. Without adequate disposal methods for hygiene waste such as incontinence products in the male washroom, they may get flushed down the toilet, causing further issues and costs, or it’s placed in a bag and disposed of later. Neither are ideal, but with a discreet disposal method in place, more can be done in ensuring waste gets disposed of correctly and sustainably. 

Sustainable waste management, thanks to phs LifeCycle Strategy. The unique proposition diverts customer hygiene waste away from landfill, and instead is taken to nearby energy recovery facilities where it’s turned into power for the local community to use. By using a phs male incontinence bin, you’re strengthening your corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials as a company that cares about its people, its social values and the environment. 


What is the scale of the issue? What do men think about male incontinence bins? We have the answers.

As hygiene and washroom services is our day jobs, we’re in a perfect position to raise questions around the issues faced in male washrooms. We’re excited to launch the Male Incontinence – Dispose with Dignity whitepaper that gives you an insight into the taboos surrounding male incontinence, washroom inequality and what men think about dealing with incontinence in public washrooms. 

Download the Male Incontinence – Dispose with Dignity whitepaper. 

Case Studies 

You can never truly understand something until you go through it yourself. Please meet Errol, who bravely shares his story and expresses why it’s important to provide male incontinence bins in washrooms.


To help fight incontinence stigma in the workplace, we’ve prepared a toolkit that enables you to share your involvement in creating an inclusive washroom environment for all. From case studies, to media resources, example blog copy and a prostate cancer risk checker, download our toolkit for guidance on how to spread the word, and raise awareness on male incontinence.

Join the conversation. Join the revolution. Join us in ensuring all men have what they need behind a cubicle door. 

Risk Checker

Check your risk in 30 seconds with the Prostate Cancer UK risk checker

Risk Checker

Help us campaign to Government

Send a letter to your local MP to urge Government to provide the necessary facilities for men to dispose of their incontinence products, discreetly. Download the letter below.

Write to your MP

*Male Incontinence: Dispose with Dignity - a phs whitepaper -

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