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Period Equality

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Creating period equality for all!

At phs, we believe everyone should have access to the period products they need. Periods are a natural part of life, and they should never be a barrier to education, work, or overall well-being. Whether you’re at school, college, university, or a place of work – no one should ever feel compromised, ashamed or go without during their period.

Period inequality exists in the UK, and whilst period products are considered a basic need, a lot of people who menstruate can’t access them. Sometimes known as ‘period poverty’, awareness of this issue has been growing and evolving, with regional, national, and global movements to help create period equality, so nobody is held back because of their period.


Leading the way

phs is leading the way in creating period equality in the UK, supporting the UK government, in delivering free period products to learners and communities, and supporting businesses to deliver period equality in the workplace and part of taskforces for change. In our pursuit of change, we were actively involved in shaping policy and driving progress via the Welsh government Period Dignity Taskforce, the Period Poverty Taskforce with the UK government, and continue to support the Period Equality Taskforce with the local authority, Blaenau Gwent.

Knowledge is a powerful tool for change. phs have launched a series of whitepapers to uncover and address the root causes of period inequalities and they shed light on crucial issues, serving as a valuable resource for policymakers and advocates alike. Our latest whitepaper ‘Period Equality: Breaking the Cycle’, investigates why some learners aren’t accessing products and understand their obstacles.

Our unwavering commitment to period equality has not gone unnoticed as we’re proud recipients of several awards for our work in creating a more equitable society. These accolades serve as a testament to our dedication and impact.

During 2019 and 2020, phs was recognised for its work around Period Equality, by scooping up several awards at the CIPR Wales PRide Awards and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Marketing Excellence Awards, including Best Education Campaign, Best Innovative New Product/Service campaign and Best Corporate Communications campaign.

Download our latest whitepaper phs Period Equality: Breaking the Cycle here.


Work with phs

From our own campaign and independent research, we know young people believe access to period products is a real issue. Doing the right thing is a core ethos at phs; and providing period products to women and girls is certainly the right thing to do.

phs offers a variety of period products to suit different needs, including period pads, tampons, sustainable reusable pads and menstrual cups.


Period equality in education

1 in 9 learners told us they have missed school or college because they could not afford period products.

This shouldn’t be happening, but it does. The lack of access to period products can prevent learners from fully participating in their education. Working with the UK government and devolved nations, we’re diligently working together to break down those barriers and ensure learners have the essential resources they need to focus on their education, not their periods.

To empower learners and teachers, we’ve developed a range of lesson plans and guides with Lil-Lets and Brooks, aimed at all ages, to support comprehensive learning about menstruation, and navigating puberty. We also offer downloadable posters that you can use to create awareness and ensure that learners can easily access free products when they need them. Whether it’s in the classroom or as additional learning material, these learning materials help teachers facilitate open discussions and provide learners with accurate, age-appropriate information.

Period equality in education


Corporate period equality

We recognise that period equality should extend beyond the classroom. Through collaborations with numerous organisations, we’re actively promoting period equality in the workplace. Our extensive range of period products, from pads to tampons and sustainable solutions, and our free-to-use vending machine empower employees to work comfortably and confidently.

By partnering with phs to provide period equality in the workplace, you not only do the right thing for your employees but also the environment. Hygiene waste collected by phs is diverted away from landfills, and instead, it's transformed into valuable energy to power homes and industries, thanks to phs LifeCycle Strategy. You can make a difference by championing both equality and sustainability.

Corporate period equality


Period equality in sport

Nothing should stand in the way of you and sports, not even your period. However, research has shown that stigma and the unavailability of period products have led people to miss out on their favourite sports. We invite sports organisations, teams, and athletes to join us in creating period equality in sports, breaking down barriers and ensuring access to period products.

Period equality in sport


The Blobcast: Free the Period

Dive into a world where conversations about periods are not only normal but also empowering. The Blobcast: Free the Period podcast, hosted by sex educator and equality and inclusion expert, Kasey Robinson is your go-to podcast for all things periods. From shame, the period basics, the products available and their costs, to pain – be part of the period conversation.

The Blobcast: Free the Period


Work with phs

Partnering with phs, you are not only taking the first step toward creating period equality but also embracing a future where nobody has to endure period-related challenges due to lack of access or affordability. Our impact on period equality since our first campaign launch in 2019 has cemented us as a partner of choice. Our experience, comprehensive range of period products and passion for creating period equality make us a trusted partner in helping you commit to inclusivity, social responsibility, and washroom equality.

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