Always Ultra Long Plus Sanitary Towel - Maximum Protection

Always Ultra Long Plus Sanitary Towel

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Always Ultra Size 2 Winged.png

Always Ultra Long Plus Sanitary Towel

Stay protected and confident during your period with ALWAYS Ultra Long (Size 2) Sanitary Towels without wings. Thanks to a super absorbent core with InstantDry System that absorbs wetness in seconds, ALWAYS Ultra Sanitary Towels keep you free from leaks. Plus, Odour Neutralising Technology keeps you feeling confidently fresh all day long, while a Flex & Fit System helps your pad contour to your individual body shape. Dermatologically tested to be gentle on your skin and approved by the Skin Health Alliance, 3mm thin ALWAYS Ultra Sanitary Towels help you stay confident and comfortable during your menstrual cycle.

Size 2 is ideal for light flow days for Large-sized knickers; moderate flow days for Medium-sized knickers; or heavy flow days for Small-sized knickers.


Up to 100% leakage protection

Super absorbent core with liquid-locking gel that can't leak

Odour Neutralising Technology locks odours in, doesn’t just mask them and contains a light scent

Dermatologically tested sanitary towels to be gentle on skin

Comfortable topsheet to be super soft on your skin

Secureguard contours keeps fluid in check

3mm thin for a great feeling of comfort



Absorbent wood cellulose with polyolefin,

absorbent gel,

rayon, or polyester

Expiry Information

No expiry date on pack (recommended shelf life 2 years)

Safety Information

Procter & Gamble applies the highest standards to ensure the safety of our products.The pre-market safety assessment of our hygiene products is a systematic, stepwise process that includes toxicological evaluation of the raw materials. Confirmatory skin compatibility testing or prospective, controlled clinical trials to assess product safety-in-use are conducted as needed especially for innovative products. A broad clinical database developed over the past 20 years indicates that modern hygiene products are not associated with significant dermatologic, or microbiologic effects. Post-market surveillance provides further reassurance that these products are acceptable to consumers worldwide.

Safety Certificate

Procter & Gamble has a rigorous global Quality Assurance program comprising regular QA and GMP audits, together with stringent follow up requirements, at all our production sites. The audits are carried out by well trained and qualified personnel from both our Worldwide and Regional Quality Assurance organizations. The program is based on detailed and strict Procter & Gamble QA requirements. These requirements are consistent with ISO standards 9001, ISO standards 22716 and, where appropriate, with the GMP guidelines currently in force for Drug and Cosmetic products in the United States of America and the European Union. They are also compliant with pertinent laws and internationally recognized regulations. As far as product quality is concerned, the Procter & Gamble requirements follow closely those set by globally acknowledged Quality Programs such as the US Baldridge and the European EFQM Awards.To ensure that this high standard is not only maintained but continuously improved, a Self Improvement Program exists at every site. In addition, regular audits on a regular basis will continue to be conducted in the future by Worldwide and/or Regional Quality Assurance.


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