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Period Equality in Sport

Period equality for all!


Periods are a natural part of life, and they should never be a reason to side-line anyone from enjoying the thrill of sports. Research has found that people across the UK are unnecessarily missing out on sports because of their periods. For some, this is because they don’t have access to period products, while others report feeling too self-conscious to participate.

By working to break down unnecessary stigma, we can ensure no one misses out on sports because of their period.


How does period inequality affect sports participation?

Research has found that people are missing out on sports due to stigma and a lack of period products.

  • A survey conducted by The Youth Sport Trust found that 37% of girls have avoided taking part in school sports activities because of their periods.
  • A research paper in the Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal found that 34% of women have avoided physical activity during their period – with stigma and embarrassment noted as reasons why.
  • Staffordshire University conducted research at Women’s Football Clubs across six European countries and found that 69% of participants felt that education on the menstrual cycle was ‘not at all’ provided by their football club.


How you can help create period equality in sport

A survey by phs found that 40% of learners would like access to free sanitary products at the gym or at a leisure centre. By visibly offering free period products on your premises, you will be taking the first steps to break down period stigma.

There's a diverse range of period products available, catering to various preferences and comfort levels when it comes to participating in sports. These options include sanitary pads, tampons, period underwear, and menstrual cups, allowing individuals to choose the product that best suits their needs while engaging in physical activities.

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Educating individuals of all genders plays a significant role in dismantling the stigma associated with menstruation. To support this important cause, we offer a collection of expertly crafted lesson plans available for free download.

While initially designed for school classrooms, these lesson plans are versatile and can also serve as valuable tools for initiating conversations and discussions within sports teams and clubs.

Period Equality Lesson Plans


Discreet disposal

 As well as providing period products, it’s also important for players to have access to sanitary disposal facilities. If the players are thinking about where to dispose of their period products, they will not be focused on the game.

phs can provide the complete solution, to allow players to be their best!

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