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Coming soon… the new AIRSCENT BURST

It just makes scents
It’s often wrongly assumed that humans don’t have a very good sense of smell, especially when it comes to comparing us with our canine companions. However, a 2014 neurobiology study found that humans can distinguish between 1 trillion scents; a massive increase on the previous estimation of 10,000.

Smell is important, it gets us excited when food is cooking and also lets us know when the kitchen bin needs changing.

On a deeper level, our brains closely link smells to emotions and memory. A whiff of perfume may remind us of a loved one and put a big smile on our face. Or the smell of tropical juice at a breakfast meeting could transport us back to a long forgotten holiday; and get us thinking about booking the next one.

What’s clear is that humans consciously and subconsciously react to smell. It’s even been proven that smells affect our moods in specific ways. For example, citrus scents are thought to have a calming effect. And lavender oil can be used to help us relax before bed.

Businesses spend a lot of time on the aesthetic design of their premises, but scent should also be used in buildings to create unique environments that will benefit employees and customers.

The newly designed AIRSCENT BURST

Providing an easy way to create an immersive scent experience in both customer and non-customer facing interior environments.

  • Provides a regular burst of an aerosolised fragrance of your choice.
  • Eliminates unwanted odours with AROMAGUARD malodour counteract technology.
  • A fully serviced unit – ensuring your device is always functioning efficiently.
  • A compact air freshener designed to suit any environment.

Find your perfect scent

From corporate offices to luxury spas, the new range of AIRSCENT BURST fragrances offers something to complement and enhance every type of indoor environment.

Sustainability drives product innovation

The AIRSCENT BURST has been redesigned to become a more environmentally-friendly fragrance solution.

The fragrance dispenser cans are now 66% smaller than before. Allowing them to use much less gas to dispense the same amount of fragrance.

The smaller size of the cans will also reduce the amount of CO2 used in the products shipping journey; as more cans can now be added onto each pallet.

Launching 16th November 2021

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