Towards a circular service economy

From our very first sanitary disposal service launched over 50 years ago, PHS Group have supported organisations to better manage their environmental impact.

PHS KPI Infographic 2013-2014Over the years, our focus on providing best value workplace services has enabled thousands of customers to reap the financial and environmental benefits of better resource management. From our range of recycling services to our washrooms water saving products, document management and waste saving audit services we provide practical solutions that can deliver genuine savings and resource efficiency on your site. This isn’t new to us, it’s simply what we’ve always done.

Naturally, as a responsible business, you’d also expect us to manage our own impacts effectively. This is achieved through our commitment to continuous improvement and evidenced by the fact that we were one of the first companies in the UK to gain ISO14001. We believe that environmental management and resource efficiency are fundamental to what we do and inherent in our business model.

Circular economy in action?

Our approach to growing the circular economy

PHS Group are a service organisation and our focus on rental and service contracts allows us to control and manage the lifecycle of our products from manufacture, through to installation and end-of-life. We don’t just sell products. In many cases we design, manufacture, maintain and recycle them at the end of their serviceable life. This means that we are in a priviledged position to offer products that are built to last and designed to be easily maintained to ensure that they last as long as possible.

When products do fail or need replacing -  which inevitably they will even though we know of many that are still going strong after 20 years -  they remain our responsibility and we do our best to ensure that they are refurbished or recycled. As an example, last year we recycled nearly 50 tonnes of old sanitary bins and recovered over 25,000 component parts from our washrooms products.