5 reasons why you should make a habit of hand washing

Published by Nathan Flint on 15 October 2014
in Cleanliness & hygiene, Washrooms

Hand washing is not something the average person probably gives too much thought to. It’s standard practice before handling food or eating, or after visiting the washroom – run a tap, apply some soap, rub, rinse and dry.

But is that enough? Here are five reasons you should make hand washing a more frequent habit.

1. Hands are the main carriers of disease-causing germs

Consider the amount of everyday objects we touch with our hands on a daily basis. Money, door handles, switches, keyboards, handrails and steering wheels are just a few examples of bacterial breeding grounds with which we have frequent daily contact. So it makes good hygienic sense to wash your five-fingered germ-carriers as often as realistically possible.

2. A healthy environment

If you wash your hands with soap, especially after visiting the washroom and before touching food, you’re choosing to create a healthier environment not only for yourself but for everyone around you. Healthy and thoughtful with one simple action – result!

3. It’s cost-effective

There isn’t a more cost-effective solution to providing health benefits than washing your hands with soap. It’s cheap, easily attainable and most importantly kills germs. A “do-it-yourself vaccine”, if you will. If it’s affordable, healthy and you smell great as part of the bargain, then you really have no excuse.

4. Effective pandemic control

Control Using soap to wash your hands not only kills bacteria but dislodges dirt and grime that water alone would not, allowing it to be rinsed off with water. Hand dryers are an effective method for drying your hands thoroughly, which is equally as important. Dryers such as the PHS Airstream® have the added advantage of an antimicrobial protective coating, which drastically reduces the risk of spreading germs like MRSA, E.coli and salmonella.

5. Prevention is better than cure

Taking the appropriate measures to prevent yourself from infection is undoubtedly preferable to falling ill and having to treat the condition. During flu season especially, users of public washrooms should make a conscious effort to be as hygienic as possible. It takes under 30 seconds to adequately wash your hands, (the amount of time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice), so surely a good hand washing habit is better than missed working days suffering with a cold or flu, for you and your employer.

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by Nathan Flint in Cleanliness & hygiene, Washrooms