Don’t Rely on Summer Days to be Safe and Seen

Published by Direct Admin on 06 July 2017

Summer months mean more daylight, but as much as we’d like the sun to last forever it eventually gives way to the hazards of a dark environment at night time. While many jobs are performed during the hours of daylight and in fair weather, many more need to be carried out at dusk, during the night or at times when bad weather can make visibility poor.

It’s these conditions that require the correct workwear to ensure that your employees remain safe and seen this summer. High-visibility garments are essential for anyone who works in transport, construction, mining, farming or aggregate, where working in dark environments, out-of-hours and outdoors is common.

phs Besafe has harnessed the power of the summer sun and failing that, any artificial light will be suffice, to ‘charge up’ its revolutionary Viz360 workwear and provide the ultimate in high-visibility clothing. During daylight, fluorescent fabric ensures that the wearer will stand out in a crowd, in traffic or against machinery. As the evening approaches, the wearer is marked out by reflective strips that bounce back light from approaching vehicle headlamps. Finally, at night, phosphorescent tape on the garments will glow to warn approaching traffic of the worker’s presence.

Legislation is in place to ensure the safety of all employees, no matter what the trade, the season or the weather in which they have to work. An employer must provide suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) to maintain the safety of their teams. In areas where light is poor or visibility is paramount to a worker’s safety, for example when they work adjacent to moving machinery or vehicles, this means the addition of effective high-visibility garments.

Don’t count on the unreliable British sun to keep your workers safe and seen. Get in touch with phs Besafe today for information on our full range of high-visibility workwear.

by Direct Admin