Flexible crate supply: Is your supply chain ready for inspection?

Published by Bryan Clapham on 12 May 2016

It’s not just your production line that is under scrutiny during a food safety inspection.  Auditors are also looking at your supply chain – is it legitimate and reliable?

Any threats to your supply chain could harm your business, so why risk it?  Double check supplier credentials and their ability to fulfil their role because, according to food safety auditor Nancy Scharlach (The Food Safety Audit Handbook), many food producers have failed inspections simply for making the wrong choice of supplier.

That’s why at PHS Teacrate we are happy to act as a backup supplier for any secondary packaging requirements for food producers.  Our fast reaction time – same day whenever possible – means that we can accommodate any emergency requests, for example breakdown of your own on-site washing equipment or failure of your regular crate suppliers.

All of our procedures are to food industry standards and we have the paperwork (and references) to prove it.

Don’t forget to mention PHS Teacrate in your business continuity plan - it could mean the difference between a pass and fail. 

by Bryan Clapham