Sporting Fans and Seasonal Demands – Are You Ready?

Published by PHS on 11 July 2016

It’s lucky that us Brits don’t always wait for good weather to enjoy flame grilled food. In fact, as a nation, we enjoyed a massive 125 million BBQs in 2013 (, rain or shine.

However hardened we are against adverse weather, sunshine does increase our demand for BBQ goods, and so our unpredictable climate means that meat and poultry producers have to be ready to react to a change in demand at short notice.

This includes having suppliers in place who can respond just as quickly to seasonal requirements.

PHS Teacrate can deliver hygienically clean, food grade crates, trays and containers to site, within hours. We’ll wash and return them as often as needed and take them away when the rush is over – ensuring that businesses can cope with peak demands without the cost of acquiring and storing transit packaging.

Let’s just say that PHS Teacrate is doing its bit to support our sporting teams!

by PHS