Top tips for safer floors in your school or college

Published by Caroline Williams on 13 October 2014
in Cleanliness & hygiene, Improving safety, Matting & floorcare

Slips and trips are the most common cause of injury in schools and colleges, with contaminants on the floor being the main factor. Many of these accidents can easily be prevented.

Take a look at our top tips for preventing slips and trips:

1. Check your outdoor spaces

Are your walkways permanently submerged under puddles? Are your paths boggy and muddy? Sprucing up areas outside your building entrances to help keep them clear will reduce the amount of dirt and moisture that even makes it to your doorway.

2. Install entrance matting

Inevitably, dirt and moisture will make its way over the threshold, and that’s where entrance matting comes in. At each point of entrance to your building, a mat is essential for removing and capturing dirt from shoes and absorbing moisture carried in from outdoors. To ensure these mats provide an effective barrier, they should be regularly and professionally laundered.

3. Prepare for ice and snow

Once you have matting in place at every entry and exit point, prepare for any potential cold snaps this winter with either a gritting service or by purchasing a good stock of rock salt. Store it carefully, as it needs to be easily accessible when the time comes.

4. Encourage pupils to wipe their feet

While entrance matting is a great method of stopping dirt and moisture from entering your building, it’s most effective when used correctly. Encourage pupils, staff and visitors to wipe their feet on the mats when entering all buildings on your site. This includes outdoor matting, which should be used outside of doorways in particularly muddy areas, such as sports pitches. Use signage at entrance points for older pupils and demonstrate how to wipe feet to younger pupils.

5. Wet floor signage

Not all dirt and moisture that ends up on floors comes from outside. If a spill does occur, make sure you have a procedure in place for dealing with it promptly. Display wet floor signage as soon as possible and make sure you have cleaning supplies in stock to deal with it. Afterwards, review the spill to see if it could be prevented in future.

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by Caroline Williams in Cleanliness & hygiene, Improving safety, Matting & floorcare