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What does Richard Hammond, The Queen and PHS Teacrate have in Common?

What were you doing 10 years ago in September 2006? In a month when Richard Hammond had that car crash and Helen Mirren wowed the film critics as The Queen, PHS Teacrate was busy launching a packaging range to complement its already successful crate hire business.

19 September 2016 by DirectAdmin

Cutting Crate Costs without Cutting Corners

Supermarkets are as competitive as ever, most promising to match or beat the prices offered by their rivals while still making a profit. With their clients seeking to make all possible savings, suppliers to the food retail industry are also under pressure to provide the most cost effective products.

08 August 2016 by DirectAdmin

Sporting Fans and Seasonal Demands – Are You Ready?

This summer, the Tour de France though and the Premier League will provide the perfect excuse to throw some burgers and chicken on the BBQ… and the usual challenge for food producers to meet seasonal demand.

11 July 2016 by PHS

How Green is your Crate?

Around 22% of all UK road freight is attributed to food products*, so additional mileage to obtain suitable secondary packaging is the last thing that any producer wants to factor into their logistics.

22 June 2016 by PHS

Flexible crate supply: Is your supply chain ready for inspection?

It's no secret that during a food safety inspection, your production line is under scrutiny, but did you know that your supply chain is too? Threats to your supply chain could harm your business.

12 May 2016 by Bryan Clapham

An efficient packaging solution

PHS specialises in returnable transit packaging (RTP), a preferred carrier for transporting and storing a wide range of food products. RTP provides protection for products, as well as reducing additional costs and harm to the environment.

25 January 2016 by Nathan Flint

Fill the gap

The festivities are over, and it’s back to reality. You’re back at work and it’s just not the same – the sparkly colours and themed decorations have all been sentenced to lonely isolation for another year.

20 January 2016 by Nathan Flint

Hot on hygiene

Seasonal bugs can be a worry. With stock constantly in rotation germs can easily find their way onto important equipment, potentially posing a risk to stock, clients and employees.

18 January 2016 by PHS

Flying the flag for Britain

We all know British is best which is why our crates are produced right here in the UK, giving us full control over our stock levels – which means that we don’t need to rely on crates being shipped from overseas.

12 January 2016 by PHS

The toilet inspectors

It seems that barely a week passes by without another story about how technology is changing our everyday lives. Our use of technology may be well documented but this week we stumbled upon a website that we’d never seen before.

07 January 2016 by Nathan Flint