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Hygiene Services Swindon

Hygiene Services Swindon

Our experts can help you with a range of products and services including:

  • Sanitary collection and disposal.
  • Aircare purification and fragrancing
  • Hand sanitising and drying
  • Dental waste and collection servicing
  • Sharps waste and collection servicing
  • Entrance and workplace mats

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phs Group are the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Spain and Ireland. With over 120,000 customers over 300,000 locations, supporting everything from restaurants to offices, and from hospitals to schools, we meet the needs of up to 100 million people.

Healthcare, washroom and floorcare hygiene are our business, and alongside our hygiene experts we have specialist businesses meeting the needs of specific businesses.

The leading washroom services supplier in the UK. Let us show you why, get a free quote.

We work with organisations of all sizes right across the UK and Ireland to ensure they meet their duty of care obligations and provide fully-serviced, hygienic washrooms that meet the needs of their specific visitors and staff.

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Facts about Swindon

Facts about Swindon

  • Swindon has claimed the scariest road junction - The famous Magic Roundabout has been named one of the scariest road junctions in Britain alongside the Spaghetti Junction and Hanger Lane Gyratory System in West London. It's definitely a confusing one for SatNavs, but once you know how, it's generally an easy one for us Swindonians to get our heads around!
  • James Bond's favourite town - In Swindon, we can proudly say that we’re part of the James Bond legacy – and have been involved TWICE! Filming for James Bond has taken place in both the Motorola building and The Spectrum building in Swindon. Pierce Brosnan even made a comment on Swindon, naming it as a 'great place'. If James Bond says it's good - it must be true!

  • Home to one of the most famous military aircraft in the world - After the original facilities were destroyed by a bombing in Southampton, production of the famous Spitfire was moved to South Marston - not far from RAF Fairford where the Royal International Air Tattoo is held every July. Although only 121 were produced in Swindon, the South Marston factory were producing 70+ aircraft per month!

  • Brit pop band Oasis named after Oasis Leisure Centre - That's right, the pop band ‘Oasis’ took their name from the Oasis Leisure Centre! Just when the band was starting out, lead singer of the band Liam Gallagher saw the venue advertised on a tour poster and therefore, Oasis was formed!

  • Many celebrities were born and raised in Swindon - Lots of well-known faces originate from Swindon – including blonde bombshell Diana Dors, comedian Julian Clary, actress Billie Piper and Model and TV Presenter Melinda Messenger. 

  • Coate Water Lake was once a pleasure park - Ever wondered what that interesting looking concrete statue is sat in the middle of Coate Water lake? It might be a home to ducks, geese, swans and seagulls now, but many years ago you would have seen members of the public diving off it! The diving board was built in 1935 and was a very popular attraction for local people until swimming in the lake was banned 20 years later. 

  • Swindon hasn't always been Swindon - Our town has acquired many nicknames over the years, but originally it was referred to as Suindune (in the Domesday Book) and later ‘Swine Town’ meaning ‘Pig Hill’. The town used to be swarming with pigs, so it makes sense!

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