Food crates

We offer a comprehensive range of strong, durable plastic Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) products to meet the requirements of the food and retail sectors. We also offer a crate wash service, compliant to food industry standards, which is available on a full service contract, or as a stand-alone service to customers with their own food crates.

  • UK wide availability
  • Food crates, trays and pallets
  • Suitable for chilled and frozen goods
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Promotes good hygiene
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PHS provides a wide selection of RTP food packaging including food crates, bakers trays, collapsible crates, bale arm crates, plastic pallets and pallet boxes. Constructed from durable polyethylene, our environmentally friendly food packaging products are specifically designed for multiple trips over an extended life, saving you money in the long run.

As returnable transit packaging eliminates the use of wood, cardboard and other fibrous materials, it helps to promote good hygiene. This makes them ideal for supermarkets and food manufacturers.

Increased product protection, particularly with chilled and frozen goods is also a further advantage of plastic food packaging over single trip alternatives.

We also offer a crate cleaning service. Crates are collected and cleaned to food industry standards at one of our wash plants. Therefore this means you don’t have the wash plant maintenance costs and no hygiene due diligence concerns.

Dynamic pooling:

Our dynamic pooling system allows you to combine the convenience and reliability of a product pool with the flexibility of ad-hoc rental. This means you’ll get a guaranteed supply of food packaging, all year round, whilst only paying for what you use.

You agree on an optimum pool size that is charged on a monthly basis and we will store up to 20% of that pool for you, washed and available within 24 hours.

  • RTP promotes better hygiene than cardboard, wood and other one trip packaging products
  • Our washing service is compliant with food industry standards
  • Standard next day delivery of food packing products is available throughout the UK
  • Dynamic pooling option available

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Our food packaging can provide an easy to manage solution with controlled, predictable costs and minimal impact to the environment.

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